4 Best colleges for a career in golf

A career in golf is worth preparing for. One of the best ways to do so is by joining a college that will help you achieve your career goals and objectives. Today, there are good college options to pick from. Well, it is not entirely about becoming a golf professional although that is still an option. It is also about the many other sectors that go hand in hand with the sport such as tourism and hospitality among other things. While playing golf at Golf Courses in Algarve could make you a good living, you should not be limited by the playing alone. However, if playing golf is what you want, here are 4 best colleges that can help you prepare for a career in golf:

1. Yale University

Looking for an environment that will get you a feel about golf? This is one of the options you got. It may not have been inviting the best collegiate golfers but it has a good campus course for golf lovers like you. This fine course at Yale University has a well-designed layout that would help young golfers want to be part of such an environment. It gives learners the feel of how it would be in a real golfing world. Made by the renowned architect, C.B. MacDonald, this is a sight to behold and an environment worth to be part of.

2. Ohio State University

Being at a college known for producing the best golfers around the world would be such a great encouragement. Ohio State University ranks among the colleges to have produced some of the best. Jack Nicklaus is a respected golfer with roots from this prestigious college. It has a rich history of golfing activities that can really be helpful to students who want to pursue golf for a career. It has 18-holer golf courses that will give learners a real-life experience that they need to become better golfers in the future.

3. Arizona State University

The Arizona State University is associated with respectable golfers such as Phil Mickelson, Billy Mayfair and Jon Rahm among others. These are names you will commonly find on the PGA Tour. Being in an environment where other people realized immense training and success afterwards will leave you with the confidence that you too can make it. This has been a home for both male and female golfers who have made a major contribution to the golfing world. Activities at the Karsten Golf Course and others will get you the preparation and experience you need to be ready for real competition outside the college.

4. Stanford University

The Stanford Golf Course is associated with a big name the industry, George C. Thomas who has also made a lot of contribution in the Los Angeles Country Club among others. This college is linked with respectable golfers and that should be reasons enough to make you choose it for your career in golf. The investments made in golf activities and facilities are above the expectations of any students who have serious considerations of a career in golf. This is one of the environments that will set you in a good mood and help you connect with the golf sport as you prepare to venture into in full mode.

Final Thoughts

Any student looking for a college to help them in their golf career must be careful to look at the much investments made by the institution towards the sport. The best institutions have produced great golfers and have enough facilities that will make the life of students comfortable. Being the company of golf enthusiasts will always make you win!

Marcelo Villa

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