​How To Use Phenibut To Overcome Addictions & Dependences – Any Worth?

Sometimes referred to as a super pill, Phenibut is a man made drug classified as a supplement. In other words, it can provide exquisite effects and boost your brain within half an hour without requiring a prescription. It is often used by entrepreneurs or students preparing for exams due to increasing focus and productivity, not to mention a feeling of energy and excitement.

 However, apart from a series of boosts, Phenibut is also used to overcome particular addictions. The Phenibut dosage varies from one individual to another – it depends on the body weight, as well as the purpose.

Using Phenibut against addictions

There are multiple tests out there when it comes to Phenibut and while some of them are encouraging, they are not conclusive enough. With all these, people use Phenibut to deal with addictions and dependences.

Phenibut will improve the attention, memory and mood. Overall, it will positively target the entire cognitive function. When it comes to heroin addicts, it does all these without increasing the necessity of heroin, which means it keeps the addiction under control. On a negative note, it will not reduce the craving. While it helps in the withdrawal, it is not recommended as a single solution.

At the same time, Phenibut effects like a more efficient cognitive function or less tiredness make the supplement suitable to those struggling with opioid withdrawal. It can relieve stress and anxiety, but it will also improve sleep. With all these, there are no scientific research studies to prove the effects of Phenibut in clearing opioid withdrawal symptoms. There is a great article about the effects of Phenibut, you can check it by clicking here.

Dealing with an alcohol addiction

Withdrawing alcohol can bring in a plethora of unwanted symptoms. In fact, alcohol is one of the few things whose withdrawal can cause life threatening symptoms. Of course, it depends on how addicted the patient is. Most people will be just fine, yet others will require medical supervision.

Phenibut is used to deal with an alcohol dependence in Eastern Europe, as well as Russia. There are no advanced occidental studies to prove its effects though, yet there are some basic Russian experiments. For example, such tests have proven that Phenibut will improve sleep and prevent insomnia in those battling with the alcohol addiction.

When tested on animals, Phenibut has reduced the alcoholic behavior, as well as further cravings. Other similar tests have shown that Phenibut can prevent lots of heart damage in those struggling with this addiction.

Facing an opioid withdrawal

Phenibut can be used independently in dealing with the opioid withdrawal, but most specialists would rather recommend a cocktail of Phenibut and Kratom. Kratom is part of a similar family – it can give you a high, but it is rated to be a supplement, so you can buy it everywhere.

There are no large clinical studies to show how efficient Phenibut and Kratom are when combined to handle the opioid withdrawal. But with all these, Kratom is known to activate opioid pathways. It can provide some sort of high, so it will reduce the withdrawal symptoms. Phenibut works a bit differently and brings in better sleep, a better focus and concentration.

Baclofen is part of a similar category of drugs and supplements. While it has similar effects, it was better studied over the past years, so it makes a good alternative.

Whether or not you want to use these supplements to overcome an opioid addiction, you need to know that such substances are also addictive. It is imperative to keep the Phenibut dosage low and follow the instructions on the prospect. Given the fact that there is not sufficient research data about mixing Phenibut, you will have to reduce the dosage even more if you plan to mix it with other supplements.

Bottom line

As a short final conclusion, Phenibut may not be proven to work wonders on the human body, but lots of people all over the world use it to improve themselves or to overcome particular problems. It is no surprise why everyone calls it a wonder supplement.

As for the best place to buy Phenibut, you can find it in local stores, but chances are you will find better deals over the Internet. Just make sure to order from a reputable shop.

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