Two National Geographic Programming Notes

I owe my friends at National Geographic Channel some space so I’ll provide you two previews of upcoming programs, one on Sunday and the other on Monday. Thanks to publicist Minjae Ormes for sending these to me.

Our first preview is for Lost Gold of the Dark Ages which airs on Sunday night at 9 ET/PT. This is a look at the discovery of a lost treasure and trying to determine where it came from.

British Museum, London, UK: Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall inspect a piece of the Staffordshire Hoard. (Photo credit: © Fulcrum


Lost Gold of the Dark Ages chronicles the amazing story behind this incredible discovery by the most unlikely of people, and the beginning of a multiyear scientific quest to determine the treasure’s origins.  With exclusive documentary access to the investigation, we’ll meet the reclusive man responsible for the chance discovery and join a team of experts researching the mystery of where the treasure came from, to whom it belonged and why it was buried.  National Geographic Channel will follow this discovery for the next two years, and this is the first of several specials planned on the project. 
British Museum, London, UK: Gold foil with zoomorphic motif from the Staffordshire Hoard. (Photo credit: © Fulcrum TV) 
Video “Finding Lost Treasure” – The only Anglo-Saxon gold hoard ever found is discover by an amateur metal detection enthusiast.
Video “Uncovering Buried Treasure” – Terry uncovers so much buried treasure that the number of gold objects coming out of the ground frightens him.

Video “Mystery Buried Treasure” – Experts discuss possible explanation for the hoarding and burying of Saxon gold.

Video “A Brief History of the Anglo Saxons” – The discovery of a massive treasure hoard could provide clues about a 1,400-year-old culture we know little about.

Don’t forget Lost Gold of the Dark Ages airs Sunday night at 9 on National Geographic Channel.

On Monday, National Geographic Channel celebrates 25 years of National Geographic Explorer.

Explorer, the Longest-Running Documentary Series in the History of Cable TV, Celebrates a Quarter-Century Milestone

Explorer: 25 Years With Host Lisa Ling Premieres Monday, April 19, at 9pm ET/PT


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