National Geographic Takes You Fishing and Beast Hunting

One more post from National Geographic Channel. On Friday, NatGeo takes you to the great outdoors to show you one of the biggest catfish you’ll ever see and then head to Africa to search for a mythical swamp monster. Some interesting programming on Friday and you can get a preview right here.

Fish Warrior: Catfish Attack

Friday, March 11 at 8PM ET/PT

A catfish that can weigh nearly half a ton, eat small animals and, rumor has it, even people!  Adventure angler and conservationist Jakub Vagner goes face-to-face with the wels catfish in France.  He doesn’t get swallowed whole, but he does get a vicious bite from a six-foot-long catfish while uncovering the truth about the wels.

Wels catfish, Jakub Vagner, Rhone River, France: Jakub Vagner lifts a 94-inch long Wels catfish that’s  heavier and longer than he is. (Photo Credit: © NGC)

Video “Bigmouth Strikes Again” – Jakub reels in a 6 foot catfish and discovers that its mouth takes up one seventh of its body!

Friday, March 11 at 9PM ET/PT

“He knows elephant prints, he knows hippo prints, and that’s not what this was.”

Ever since the earliest missionaries and explorers returned from Africa, stories have been told of strange water-dwelling monsters living in the Congo Basin.  The native Pygmy tribes speak of the Mokele-mbembe, an animal with a long, thin neck and a body the size of an elephant that seems to resemble a sauropod dinosaur.  Could there be a population of dinosaurs living in the remote jungle?  Starting in Cameroon, where there is a history of Mokele-mbembe sightings, Spain will meet with eyewitnesses at a Pygmy village before setting his camera traps along the river.  And it’s in the dark of the forest that he’ll witness something truly mysterious.

Video Preview “Mokele-Mbembe Encounter” – Pat talks with a local man about his experience with Mokele-mbembe.

And that will do it for the NatGeo posts today.

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