NatGeo Presents Shark Men: Surfing With Sharks

Last Sunday, Shark Men had its season premiere on National Geographic Channel. Now while trying to research sharks up close is something I would rather not do, the guys on Shark Men really want to go eyeball to eyeball with them. This week, they head to the Southern California to find a whole school of sharks and get to see it up close and personal.

Shark Men: Surfing with Sharks
Premieres Sunday, April 17 at 10 PM ET/PT

The Shark Men head to Southern California just off the shores of Malibu, and find the waters teeming with juvenile great white sharks just 300 meters from where beachgoers surf and swim unknowingly close by.  Juvenile sharks are of keen interest to the Shark Men, who want to learn more about the younger years of the fish’s life cycle to help them better understand the whole story of the species.  The Shark Men adapt their catch-and-release method so as not to put the younger, smaller sharks in any danger while tagging them, and successfully land juveniles from the very first day of the expedition.

Malibu, California, USA: Shark on the cradle with film crew. (Photo Credit: © Fischer Productions/ Mark Frapwell)

And we have two videos for you.

Video “Malibu Shark Hunting” – The Shark Men team heads to the sun and surf capital of Malibu on the search for juvenile great whites.

Video “Tagging a Juvenile” – Doc and the Shark Men manage to hook a juvenile – but is it old enough to track?

Shark Men: Surfing with Sharks airs Sunday night at 8 on National Geographic Channel.

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