Nat Geo Shows People In Love With Inanimate Objects

On Sunday, National Geographic Channel will show people who are in love with a car and a wall. Not just any wall, we’re talking with the Berlin Wall. Yes, that wall. There are people like this. The BBC chronicled a woman who is in love with the Golden Gate Bridge. I kid you not. In fact, it’s the same woman who will be in the latest episode of National Geographic Channel’s Taboo series. The woman calls herself an Objectum Sexual. Not many people understand it and I’m one of them. But if this is what helps them get through life and they’re not harming anyone, then let them live.

Here’s Nat Geo’s press release plus a couple of video clips.

Sunday, June 12 at 9PM ET/PT

Love can come in many different — and bizarre — forms.  In Washington State, we meet a man with “objectum sexual,” who has an emotional, romantic and often sexual attraction to his car, named Vanilla.  In Germany, we’ll introduce you to the founder of the Objectum Sexual International Forum, who is in a loving relationship with the Berlin Wall.  And we’ll meet a married couple in California whose concept of monogamy has an odd twist — she works as a professional sex surrogate who has slept with more than 900 men.

Berlin, Germany: Erika Eiffel is spokeperson and founder of the on-line Objectum Sexual Internationale Forum. She has chosen a very public icon to be the object of her affections. Erika is in a loving relationship with the Berlin Wall. (Photo Credit:  © Beyond Productions/ Tim Alewood)

Video “In Love with the Berlin Wall” – Meet an objectum sexual who feels a strong love for the Berlin Wall.

Yelm, Washington: Edward rubbing and kissing his Volkswagen Beetle, Vanilla, whom he loves. (Photo Credit:  © Beyond Productions/ Jeremy Adair)

Video “Car Lover” – This man doesn’t just adore his cars. He actually makes love to them.

Also below are a few videos in which we asked people on the street which of the lifestyle choices featured in past Taboo episodes they would rather choose, including:

Taboo: Forbidden Love will be seen Sunday night at 9 Eastern time on National Geographic Channel.

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