A Friday Update

Let’s give you some more links on this getaway Friday. The voting for Darren Rovell’s Minor League Baseball Logo Contest has reached the Final Four. Darren wants you to vote for one finalist today. Newsday’s Neil Best has been blogging like crazy today, this despite being on a vacation. But that’s ok. I’m always glad […]

Giving You A Wednesday Update

Having gotten some important work done, it’s time to give you some linkage on this Wednesday afternoon on the East Coast. Three things from the Sports Media Watch. First, Paul Sen says the joint decision by the NFL and NBC to move the league’s season opener on September 4 from 8:30 p.m. ET to 7 […]

A Wednesday Link Thing

Let’s do our links for today. Starting with a very strange story out of David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch breaks the news that the website somehow listed the late Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle in its transactions page and inexplicably left it there for two days. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has CBS’ spin […]

More on the XM-Sirius Merger

Earlier today, the Department of Justice approved the buyout of XM Satellite Radio by Sirius. The agreement between the two companies had been announced early in 2007, but inexplicably, it took more than a year for the DOJ to come to a decision. In fact, it took 399 days from the day of announcement to […]

BREAKING NEWS: DOJ Approves Sirius and XM Satellite Radio Merger

The Department of Justice has approved the merger between XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. Next, the FCC has to approve it, but that is seen to be a formality at this point. For sports fans, this means that there will be one stop shopping, no more dividing of all sports between the two services. You […]

Tuesday Night Stuff

I’ll give you some more links today. When I started this morning, I really did not want to update things, but it ended up being quite busy, so you just never know when you start. Let’s get to the linkage. The Sports Media Watch has the final weekend ratings. Joe Favorito’s Sports Marketing and Public […]

A Tuesday Morning Thing

I’m dragging today and not in the mood to blog, but blog I will because I serve you. So it’s time to give you some links. Let’s start off with ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber who says in reviewing ten days of SportsCenter, she was actually pleased to see fewer gimmicks and more highlights. The […]

Some Monday Links

On this day after Selection Sunday, I give you some linkage. Also, don’t forget to visit my 1st Annual College Basketball TV Awards. I admit they were ESPN-heavy, but it had most of the major games this season. Check them out. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says Bob Knight is keeping things simple while doing his […]

Friday Megalinks – Conference Tournament Edition

It’s a busy weekend for college basketball as the Conference Tournaments lead to Selection Sunday. The major conferences are all in action this weekend and they will give fans plenty of action to watch. And by 7 p.m. Sunday, fans will debate which team deserved to get in and which team did not. It’s all […]

The Thursday Links Gift Wrapped for You

Let’s get to the links. Last night, I somehow got hooked into watching the Big Brother Head of Household competition which stretched to about 1:20 a.m. I got out at 12:40 a.m. because I couldn’t take it anymore. Anyway, if you’re a BB fan, you can keep up to date at the Reality Fan Forum […]

Time for the Thursday Links

The links are here, let’s get to them. Michael Hiestand of USA Today recaps the testimony of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and cable providers on Capitol Hill yesterday. Gerry Shih of the Austin American-Statesman reports on the all-out attack by Goodell on the cable providers. Robin Brown of CBC News wonders if sports on over […]

Some More Wednesday Links

I’ll give you a few more links today. We have some good news from Neil Best of Newsday. He tells us that a biopsy on Bobby Mercer was negative, that his MRI last week showed only scar tissue and not a recurrence of a brain tumor. Mercer will rest at home for a few more […]

Another Friday Update

I’ll give you a few more links before moving onto the Viewing Picks for college basketball and the weekend. First, Jim Williams of the DC/Baltimore Examiner says Comcast SportsNet and MASN are experiencing HD growing pains. Newsday’s Neil Best has a preview of this Sunday’s New York Times Play magazine in which Yankees owner Hank […]

Trying to Catch Up After Being Out for the Morning

It’s already been a long morning and as I’m multitasking, doing links and some paperwork at the same time, I provide some links while I can. First, Michael David Smith of the AOL Fanhouse Blog chronicles the return of Dana Jacobsen to ESPN’s First Take today. However, the Christian Defense Coalition will not let the […]

Your Late Tuesday Afternoon Links

Let’s give you a few links on this late Tuesday afternoon on the East Coast. First, the Sports Media Watch says the NHL fell back to reality last Sunday with the first of 9 games on NBC. However, Chris Pursell of TV Week quotes a TV executive in his Pressbox blog saying the 1.1 rating […]

Thursday Links

I’ve been avoiding the Kelly Tilghman issue because plenty of bloggers have been all over it since the story broke and then Al Sharpton has to get involved. But now that the story has mushroomed, I’ll say this. I was watching Golf Channel on last Friday when I was doing the megalinks. I have to […]

Thursday Night Links

I’m such a political junkie, I’m glued to CNN and MSNBC watching the results of the Iowa Caucuses. Don’t worry, this won’t become a political blog, this will always be a sports media blog first, followed by the Amazing Race and anything else, but the anything else won’t be politics. But I do enjoy watching […]

A Few Thursday Afternoon Links

Let’s give you some links this afternoon. Kevin McGran and Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star team up on a story about the good ratings for the NHL Winter Classic. Broadcasting & Cable says the ratings for the Winter Classic are the best for a regular season NHL game in more than a decade. A […]

Time for Some Thursday Links

It’s cold in New England, just 10 degrees when I left my house this morning. It’s cold. And please don’t e-mail me from a warm climate giving me your temps today. I don’t want to hear it. I’m letting you know ahead of time that the Friday megalinks will be late tomorrow as I’ll be […]

Some Monday Links

Time to give you some Monday links. One of my employees remains out so I still have to cover for him. The links will go up as soon as I get to my office or when I get home, but I’ll do my best to get them to you when I can. Starting with USA […]