So About This WWE Network …

Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the wrestling community and its fans were treated to the unveiling of the WWE Network. World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon, members of his corporation and his stable of wrestlers took the stage during a press conference and unveiled the plans for […]

Let's Do Some Wednesday Linkage

Time for the links on this Wednesday. Let’s check out what we have. Marisa Guthrie of the Hollywood Reporter talks with NBC’s Bob Costas about the Olympics, Jerry Sandusky and being short. That’s right. Daniel Kaplan from the Sports Business Journal writes that the NFL will not sign a telecommunications partner this season and will […]

Your Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some Tuesday links. We’ll start with Matt Hayes of AOL Sporting News and he writes that the BCS is looking for a $5 billion TV deal over a decade for its new college football playoff. In the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Michael Bradley says the new college football playoff still can […]

Some Tuesday Links

Been crazy with the schedules again, but I’m giving you some linkage today because you’re owed some. Let’s get busy. Sports Business Daily notes the dueling NFL regular season schedule release shows on ESPN and NFL Network today. Terry Lefton of Sports Business Journal says Comcast wants to replicate the success of its “Xfinity Live!” […]

Late Monday Afternoon Links

This week is going to be busy for me. I was cleaning out an office for most of the day and it looks like that will be on the agenda for the rest of the month. I’ll do my best to post what I can here. But just know that I may be scarce. I’ll […]

Providing Some Sunday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage on this Sunday morning. Some good stuff to get to. TVbytheNumbers says World Series Game 3 easily won the primetime ratings last night over college football and repeats on NBC. The Associated Press has an in-depth story on how Fox and Telemundo won the rights to the 2015-22 World Cups. Marisa […]

Bringing Out The Sunday Links

Let’s provide the links on this Sunday. Tim Goodman in the Hollywood Reporter writes about how the MLB Postseason remains compelling even without big market teams. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News notes that Game 4 of the National League Championship Series became the third most watched NLCS game on cable. John Eggerton of Multichannel says […]

Finally Back To Linking

The last couple of days have been tough to provide links as I was out of the office. Glad to be back linking again, although you never know if I’ll be called away again. I’ll try to do what I can. Mike McCarthy of USA Today attended the NFL on CBS media day on Tuesday […]

Our Mid-Week Links

Any time I put “Quick” in the title, it appears I find more linkage than I set out to. Nothing wrong with that. Again, I ended up being outside of the office for an extended time and it looks like that will happen again tomorrow. Don’t know work is so crazy all of a sudden. […]

Going For Some Saturday Linkage

Time for some linkage on this Saturday. Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter notes that NBC had its best opening round NHL playoff ratings in 7 years. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News says ESPN’s NFL Draft ratings were down from last year while NFL Network saw a slight increase. Mike notes that Root Sports has […]

Vin Scully & The Honky Tonk Man

During tonight’s Giants-Dodgers Opening Night game, ESPN showed a cutaway of the great Vin Scully calling a rare radio-only game. Whenever Vin calls a Dodger game, he does a TV-radio simulcast in the first three and last three innings. The middle innings are TV only. With ESPN doing tonight’s game, Vin is relegated to radio. […]

Doing Some Sunday Linkage

Let’s provide some links on this Sunday. Original plans to go to work have been scrapped leaving me free to do links which is good for you. I certainly hope you had a chance to read my Sunday thoughts which I hope to make a weekly feature here at Fang’s Bites. Here are the links. […]

Saddling Up Some Tuesday Links

Let’s provide some linkage on another snowy day in the Northeast. Seriously, this isn’t funny any more. One or two snowstorms to remind us that it’s winter is fine. Not one every other day as it seems. It took me an hour to get into work when it normally takes 20-30 minutes. And sometimes on […]

Bringing In The Monday Links

Lots of things to get to today. I hope to get everything in during one long linkfest, but if I can’t, I’ll try to do it in multiple parts. We begin with USA Today’s Mike McCarthy who says despite the ratings being down for the Rose and Fiesta Bowls as ESPN takes over the games […]

Mixing Up A Few Saturday Links

Slept in this morning so I’m getting a late start on things. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News talks about ESPN hiring Ian Darke to be its Voice of Soccer. John Eggerton of Multichannel writes that WWE’s Smackdown moves from broadcast to cable next Friday. Adam Hochberg of the Poynter Institute says the NHL is considering […]