A Wednesday Link Thing

Let’s do our links for today. Starting with a very strange story out of David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch breaks the news that the website somehow listed the late Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle in its transactions page and inexplicably left it there for two days. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has CBS’ spin […]

The Wednesday Stuffage

Time for some links on this Wednesday. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes about the changes in the ESPN production of NASCAR for this upcoming season. The Daly Planet motorsports blog talks about the lovely Wendy Venturini returning to Speed this week. Newsday’s Neil Best has Tiki Barber picking his former team to win the […]

Various Wednesday Afternoon Links

A few links for you this afternoon. First, Phil Swann of the TV Predictions website reports that DirecTV has finally added the NHL Network in both High and Standard Definition as of today. It’s located at channel 215 if you’re wondering. Dish Network has added NBA TV in HD. Nice to have Jim Williams of […]

Thursday Night Links

Hello. Time for an update since I didn’t have one earlier today. I won’t be able to give a Friday morning update and may not be here for the afternoon as work gets in the way of the blog. I will give an update when I can, but let’s get to the links now. We […]

The Wednesday Links

Time for the links on this Wednesday. The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir talks with former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent about the NBA referee gambling scandal. You may remember Vincent was in charge when the Pete Rose gambling story ruled the front pages. Paul Gough of the Hollywood Reporter writes that the NBA TV partners […]

Friday is Finally Here!

Nice to have Friday come along. Long week for me, hope it was a good week for you. Plenty of stuff to link to today. Let’s get to it. First, the Boston Globe’s Susan Bickelhaupt has a look at the new NBA TV deal, but she also has a blurb on a sexual harassment suit […]