The First Day of Autumn Links

It’s officially Fall in the US today. I still hope to have some nice days before it gets really cold in the next couple of months, but as the mornings are chilly when I get up, it’s a sign that the seasons are indeed changing. Let’s get to your links. David Scott of the Boston […]

Tuesday Evening Links

Let’s give some more links on this Tuesday evening here on the East Coast of the States. First, Bruce Allen of the Boston Sports Media Watch transcribes a segment on WEEI’s The Big Show with the Big Fat Tub of Lard, Glenn Ordway in which he attacks fantasy football and those who play it. That’s […]

The Tuesday Linkage

Well, I’m still recovering from staying up late watching the Olympics coverage. With women’s gymnastics on tonight, expect another late night. Let’s start with Newsday’s Neil Best who has a couple of stories in today’s edition of the newspaper. The first story has reaction from NBC’s Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines who called the thrilling […]

My Thoughts Are With You, Jennifer

You probably don’t know that I’m a regular listener and caller to Whatever Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio hosted by Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. If you listen to the show, I call in as “Ken in Rhode Island” to add my two cents to whatever the girls are discussing. Yesterday, Jennifer’s mother, Bunny […]

More on the XM-Sirius Merger

Earlier today, the Department of Justice approved the buyout of XM Satellite Radio by Sirius. The agreement between the two companies had been announced early in 2007, but inexplicably, it took more than a year for the DOJ to come to a decision. In fact, it took 399 days from the day of announcement to […]

Wednesday Night Links

A couple of more things since I last updated here. First, I finally heard Alicia Silverstone today! Remember I was asking if you remembered Alicia? She was on Sirius Satellite Radio talking with Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha’s daughter) and Jennifer Hutt on Whatever, a show that’s on the Martha Stewart channel. Before you go killing […]