Friday Megalinks Or The Return of Linkage

Due to being at jobsites for the last few days, I haven’t been able post links like I’ve wanted to. I apologize for that. I have tried to be diligent in updating as much as I can. I have quite a bit to catch up with. I may be a blogging machine as I have […]

Friday Megalinks Just For You

Let’s do some linkage. The Weekend Viewing Picks give you everything to you need for your viewing pleasure. Let’s do this. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that primetime is the right time for college football. Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Daily reports that ESPN has sold out its ad inventory for its new […]

Let’s Do Some Linkage, Shall We?

I was in between offices yesterday and could not do the links as I had wanted. Let’s provide some now while I can. Nate Davis at USA Today writes about ESPN extending the rights to air Monday Night Football and keep the series on cable through 2021. The Hollywood Reporter notes that tonight’s Presidential jobs […]

Report: Boston’s WEEI-AM To Begin FM Simulcast on Monday

Earlier this evening, WEEI’s PR firm sent out an e-mail stating, “WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Morning Show will make a major announcement at 8:00am tomorrow morning, September 8th.” Speculation started churning on what the announcement would be, but it was quickly confirmed through the proverbial “industry sources” that WEEI’s parent company, Entercom will begin simulcasting […]

Let’s Do Some Thursday Linkage

Today is going to be a busy day with the UFC on Fox press conference and the NHL TV schedule announcement. I figure now would be a good time to linkage and I hope I don’t get interrupted here at work. The big news that broke late yesterday was DirecTV announcing that it would offer […]

WEEI Radio Network Remains Home of NFL on Westwood One

This comes from WEEI in Boston. Its radio stations from Boston to Central and Western Massachusetts and Rhode Island will be the home of Sunday and Monday Night Football broadcasts via Westwood One Radio. Through this contract, WEEI will also be able to carry all of the NFL postseason games all the way to the […]

10th Annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Telethon Airs In Late August

I can’t believe this will be the 10th edition of the Jimmy Fund Telethon that airs on both WEEI and NESN. This is a simulcast that airs from Fenway Park and raises money for the Jimmy Fund, which is official charity of the Boston Red Sox. Money raised goes to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in […]

Bringing Out The Friday Megalinks

Yup, time for the Friday megalinks. As long as I don’t get interrupted, I should be able to do this all in one shot for you. Your Weekend Viewing Picks have a whole lot of sports and entertainment programs so take a gander and see what suits your fancy. To the links. National USA Today’s […]

Jack Edwards Compares Alex Burrows’ Bite Of Patrice Bergeron To Breastfeeding

In yet another bizarre rant, Jack Edwards went on WEEI’s Big Show with Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley to discuss the bite of the Boston Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron’s finger by Vancouver’s Alex Burrows. It happened just as the first period of Game 1 was ending and it was caught by NBC’s cameras as clear as […]

WEEI Wins Website Honor

Last week, I reported on the Fang’s Bites on Boston Sports Media Watch site that WEEI was slaughtered by rival radio station, 98.5 The Sports Hub in younger male demographics in the Arbitron ratings for the month of April. And while WEEI did beat 98.5 in the overall ratings, the loss of younger males has […] & SB Nation Announce A New Content Sharing Agreement

Well, I didn’t see this one coming. The powerful SB Nation sports blogging network has announced a new content sharing agreement with, the internet arm of Boston sports radio station, WEEI. Under the new agreement, will provide content from SB Nation on its site. In exchange, WEEI’s content will be seen on SB […]

WEEI Re-Signs Dave O’Brien As Secondary Voice of the Red Sox

You may not know that ESPN’s Dave O’Brien calls Red Sox games on the radio when he’s not working for the Alleged Worldwide Leader. He’s been with the Red Sox since 2007 calling most of the games except on Wednesdays when he’s calling MLB for ESPN and early in the season when he’s calling the […]

Doing Tuesday Links

Time for the links. Lots of stuff to get to. From Sports Business Daily, we learn that the Sporting News has officially taken over Fanhouse. A sad day really as the Fanhouse site was very good and had many good writers on staff (Jay Mariotti excepting). Many writers have lost their jobs while others have […]

A Friday Night Megalink Thing

Let’s provide the Friday megalinks. Lots of things to get to. We, of course, provide the Weekend Viewing Picks for your sports and entertainment weekend programming. Now let’s get to the linkage from across the country. National Brian Steinberg of Advertising Age reports that NBC is already seeking $3.5 million for a 30 second spot […]

Some Thursday Linkage For You

Let’s provide the sports media links this morning. Lots of things to do today so I hope I can get this done and finish up the work I have to do later. John Czarnecki at Fox Sports is amazed at how the NFL Scouting Combine has become a made-for-TV event. George Winslow at Broadcasting & […]

Let’s Do Some Tuesday Links

Time for linkage now. Jun Yang at Bloomberg Businessweek reports that YouTube is in talks with the NBA and NHL to stream live games. Now that would be cool if it happens, but I’m skeptical that it will. At MediaPost, Barry Janoff looks at some of the particulars of CBS/Turner’s NCAA Tournament programming and marketing […]

Let’s Try To Do Some Friday Megalinkage

Ok, I have some time to do some blogging this evening and I figure I’ll do the Friday megalinks, something which has been sorely lacking here. Let’s get cracking on the links. As always, you can check the Weekend Viewing Picks for all of your weekend in sports and primetime TV. Now let’s do your […]

Late Night Thursday Links

I wasn’t able to provide links during the day and I keep accumulating sports media stories and I don’t want to get into this pattern where I can provide links Monday through Wednesday, but not from Thursday through Sunday. That’s not good especially since you have come to expect linkage just about every day. So […]

Some Mid-Week Linkage

Ok, time for some links on this Wednesday. Let’s provide some for you while I can. Michael Hiestand of USA Today notes that former CBS college basketball analyst Billy Packer is not enthused about the new TV arrangement for the NCAA Tournament. I’ve written a story for Dan Levy’s Press Coverage site on what the […]

It’s the Sunday Links

Ok, been a crazy morning. Now that everything with New York Giants-Minnesota has been worked out, I can move on to other things. Let’s do your linkage. At, Greg Garber looks back at NBC’s experiment of an announcerless NFL game 30 years ago.  Tim Graham at also has a story on the experiment. […]