The Wednesday Links

Let’s do some linkage today. Been doing pretty good in providing links this week and I don’t want to stop. Starting with Michael Hiestand of USA Today, he talks with ESPN bloviator Chris Berman who compares himself to Ted Williams, then tries not to compare himself to Ted Williams, claims he doesn’t pay attention to […]

Monday's Linkage

I’ll do some linkage for you. Been busy all day, but I have a nice window here and I’ll get to links after I discuss last night’s hockey action. I’m still coming down from the USA win over Canada last night in men’s hockey. Now, there are many things that could be said about NBC […]

Monday Links

As we get ready for the All-Star Game tomorrow, let’s give you some links. Newsday’s Neil Best, back from vacation, writes about Billy Packer’s departure from CBS. Roger Van Der Horst in the Charlotte News & Observer says Packer was prepared for this day. Reid Cherner and Tom Weir of the USA Today Game On! […]

Suzyn Says It's Alright to Cry

Well, this Suzyn Waldman story just keeps growing legs. Yes, she cried in the Yankees locker room after Game 4 of the American League Division Series. Yes, it was unprofessional. Yes, it was not the time to cry. Yes, it was not appropriate of a broadcaster to do so. Here’s the clip again if you […]

It's the Wednesday Links

Let’s get to your Wednesday links this morning. The Sports Media Watch says Game 4 of the Indians-Yankees LDS on TBS was the highest rated MLB playoff game on cable, but still got beat by ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Michael Hiestand of USA Today talks about the pilot Fox’s Joe Buck shot for a potential […]

The Suzyn Waldman Clip

Here’s the clip of Suzyn Waldman crying on WCBS Monday night. It’s already a classic. Poor Suzyn’s been ripped on WEEI in Boston to no end.

How not to make a call….

Suzyn Waldman is in her third year as an announcer for the Yankees Radio Network. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s survived breast cancer. She was the first voice heard when WFAN in New York signed on in 1987. Suzyn is a survivor. But she was at the mike when […]