Grinding Out the Tuesday Linkage

Ok, lots of linkage to get to. Let’s not waste any time. Ken Fuchs, the Vice President of Yahoo Global Media talks about two new programs being co-produced by Yahoo and NBC Sports. John Ourand and Tripp Mickle in Sports Business Journal recap how NBC was able to land a huge NASCAR contract which will […]

Some Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

I need to be posting more. I’ve been busy during the day and find myself trying to catch up on Viewing Picks at night and it’s been a losing proposition. I’ll do my best to update more often here in the coming weeks. Let’s do some thoughts while I can. As usual, they come in […]

Some Thoughts on the Marathon Bombing Coverage

Now that a bad chapter for Boston and America is over, it’s time to look at some of the media coverage. I’ll do it all in bullet form and try to do it all in one sitting. First, the good from the week. Local channels in Boston really got the job done. WBZ, WCVB, WHDH […]

Various Wednesday Links

I’ll do a few links for you this evening. I’ll start with a strange story that surfaced today from a University of Maryland journalism class during which ESPN Vice President and Executive Editor John Walsh made some rather strange statements about Deadspin’s John Koblin over the Lynn Hoppes plagiarism situation. Deadspin has raised issues of […]

Breaking Out Some Wednesday Linkage

Time for some Wednesday links. Won’t be a full set as I’ll be monitoring NBC’s Olympic conference call. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio discusses Chris Berman heading to the Monday Night Football booth for two games. Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing says national nightmare Berman in the booth is not what NFL fans want. Doug […]

NESN & WBZ-TV Announce New Strategic Partnership

NESN and CBS Boston have announced a on-air partnership that will affect both parties. Starting Friday, NESN’s Red Sox announcing team involving Don Orsillo, Jerry Remy and Jenny Dell will be seen on WBZ-TV on the station’s local newscasts for pregame appearances for all games, road and away. WBZ’s sports staff including Dan Roche will […]

Mixing The Thursday Links

I’ll give you some Thursday linkage while I can. Waiting on an appointment, but while I’m free I’ll do the links for you. Lots of stuff to get to so let’s not keep you waiting. Jack Carey of USA Today notes that ESPN was a major factor in Brigham Young University declaring independence from the […]

Doing the Friday Megalinks

Let’s do the megalinks for you. Time to give them to you now. As always, you get the Weekend Viewing Picks which this weekend has the skinny on the college basketball conference tournaments and other sports. Now to your links. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at ESPN providing ABC with some sports programming starting […]

Quick Late Night Update

It looks like this will be a late night for me. I’m going to finish my review of Real Sports from Tuesday and I want to give you some links before the night is finished. Here we go. CNBC’s Darren Rovell is into his Elite Eight in his “As Seen On TV” products tournament. Maury […]

Thursday Stuff

I have some links for you today. The Boston Herald’s Inside Track Girls report that NESN’s Heidi Watney is dating a former Fenway Park groundskeeper. Thanks to Sox & Dawgs for that link. So much for the rumors Heidi dating Jason Veritek. The lovely Jessica Heslam of the Herald reports that the New England Patriots […]

A Monday Linkfest

Back to the work grind and time to provide some linkage today. Starting with USA Today’s Game On! blog which has Michael McCarthy interviewing Chris “Mad Dog” Russo about his debut on Sirius Satellite Radio today. And Michael says any thought of the Patriots collapsing due to Tom Brady’s injury should be perished. CNBC’s Darren […]

Sunday Linkage

After running some errands this morning, I’m back and it’s time to give you some links. We start with Richard Sandomir of the New York Times who talks with Harold Reynolds who did a stint with SNY this weekend. And Richard says unlike the Kentucky Derby where he feels NBC Sports dropped the ball in […]

Some Wednesday Links

I’m back from running errands so it’s time for some links on this Wednesday. First, I’m seeing increased traffic the last two days. It’s all for my post last year on Hot Chicks, formerly in Sports Broadcasting, who should be back in Sports Broadcasting. It’s mainly for this picture of Jillian Reynolds. If anyone knows […]

Wednesday Night Update

Some more links on this late Wednesday night. First, John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable writes that with Time Warner Cable’s agreement to put FSN South on its systems to provide Charlotte Bobcats games may help its argument in its arbitration case against MASN. Bruce Allen of the Boston Sports Media Watch says WBZ sports […]

Thursday Night Links

I’ll give you some more links this evening. It appears that NBC is close to renewing its deal with the NHL for next season. More on that in the Friday megalinks. Bruce Allen from Boston Sports Media Watch gives his impressions from an evening with WBZ-TV sports anchor Bob Lobel who is being bought out […]

Thursday Links

Let’s give you some links for Thursday. Newsday’s Neil Best says new New York Knicks Donnie Walsh did his best to schmooze the media during his introductory press conference on Wednesday. And in his blog, Neil says a new era between the Knicks and the media began with free sandwiches and cookies. Richard Sandomir and […]

Wednesday Night Links

I’ll give you some linkage this evening. Earlier today, I was listening to the Red Sox-A’s game through MLB Gameday Audio and noticed that Joe Castiglione was broadcasting solo for the first two innings. Because partner Dave O’Brien was working the Blue Jays-Yankees game for ESPN2, this was one of the games where the Shaw’s […]

Wednesday Linkage or How Media Buyouts Affect You

It’s been a big week for media layoffs and buyouts. As someone who follows the sports media, it seems like every week, a local news or reporter is bought out or has had his/her contract terminated as part of cost cutting. It’s happening in newspapers, TV and radio. But this week, the bloodletting has cut […]

Friday Megalinks Combined with Saturday Links

My fault that the Friday megalinks weren’t here yesterday. Lots of issues that I don’t need to get into, but I’ll give them to you today with your weekly Saturday links. Let’s go: Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes about Fox’s plans for its silly Red Carpet Super Bowl pregame show. TV Week has the […]

Some More New Year's Eve Links

Let’s give you some more links today before I work on some other things. First, Neil Best of Newsday writes that Patriots-Giants on Saturday was the most watched program of 2007. Not an easy task considering that Saturday are the least watched day of the week. The Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam writes in her Messenger […]