Various Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage for you today. Austin Karp at Sports Business Daily notes that ESPN’s ratings in July dropped double digits in primetime. ESPN Ombudsman Robert Lipsyte talks about the poor timeslot for the Nine for IX documentary series, moving Outside the Lines, the ESPY’s and the return of Keith Olbermann. Richard Deitsch of […]

Time For Some Tuesday Links

Let’s do some Tuesday links. Lots of stuff to get to. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that Bob Costas is receiving his share of criticism for his anti-gun commentary during halftime of Sunday Night Football. Busted Coverage has video of Bob Costas telling Dan Patrick that he’s not backing off on his anti-gun comments. […]

Cranking Out The Friday Megalinks

Wasn’t able to do any posts yesterday as I was away for most of the day. Tough to get anything done when you’re out of range for any internet or even 3G. First World Problems. Anyway, time for some Friday megalinks. Been doing well with the links, except for Thursday, but let’s continue doing them […]

Some Sunday Linkage

I have some time on this NFL Sunday to provide some rare weekend linkage. Let’s get to it. Chris Chase at USA Today’s Game On blog notes that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder has confirmed that he’s dating ESPN College GameDay’s Samantha Steele. Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News talks about the Pac-12 Networks being made […]

A Few Back To Work Tuesday Sports Media Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend. Let’s do a few sports media thoughts for you on this back to work Tuesday. They’re in bullet form as always. In this week’s Sports Business Journal, John Ourand reports that both Fox and CBS/Turner are looking to combine packages to force the other out of the […]

Breaking Out Some Thursday Linkage

Let’s do the Thursday linkage. We’re doing well so far this week, knock on wood. Austin Karp of Sports Business Journal reports NBC’s overnight rating for Wednesday’s Olympic Primetime was up from Beijing. Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Journal says YouTube is looking to further strengthen its live sports portfolio after streaming Olympic content in […]

Checking Out Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s provide some mid-week linkage before I get too busy later on. Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily writes that NBC’s overnight rating for Tuesday’s Olympic primetime was up from the comparable night four years ago. Tripp Mickle of SBJ says NBC is about to set up a set of exhibition beach volleyball matches between […]

Bringing Out Some Tuesday Links

Let’s do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. Earlier today, actually very early today, I wrote Some Tuesday Olympic Sports Media Thoughts. I hope it makes sense. Austin Karp of the Sports Business Daily says NBC saw its second drop in the overnight ratings for the 2012 Olympics. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says […]

Let's Do Some Wednesday Linkage

Time for the links on this Wednesday. Let’s check out what we have. Marisa Guthrie of the Hollywood Reporter talks with NBC’s Bob Costas about the Olympics, Jerry Sandusky and being short. That’s right. Daniel Kaplan from the Sports Business Journal writes that the NFL will not sign a telecommunications partner this season and will […]

Finally Some Friday Megalinks

Let’s do some Friday megalinks. You’ve been owed some and I haven’t been able to do links for most of the week. Of course, you have the Weekend Viewing Picks which provide plenty of college sports, soccer, baseball and the NBA and NHL postseason action. Now let’s do your links. National Michael Hiestand of USA […]

Videos of the Week: The NFL Today on CBS

This is some amazing stuff. I don’t know who uploaded these to YouTube, but this is some pretty video showing entire editions of The NFL Today on CBS. This is from Week 13 in 1979. Brent Musburger is the host (why he has never won a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Studio Host is beyond me), […]

Back For Some Linkage

Yesterday, I focused on several press releases before heading out for errands. Today, it’s back to the links. Daniel Kaplan at Sports Business Journal writes that the NFL wants to set up local zones in Super Bowl host cities similar to what Indianapolis did with a village and zip line this year. Mike Ozanian of […]

Breaking Out The Monday Links

For the last few weeks, we’ve been having issues with the server and some of you have complained to me. Suffice to say that I hope to have this fixed very soon. I will keep you apprised of the situation. In the meantime, thanks for your patience on the matter. To the links. We begin […]

Quick Sunday Linkage

While I have a moment, let’s provide some rare Sunday links. The lovely Nicole Auerbach of USA Today notes that ESPN’s Bob Knight won’t mention Kentucky by name on the air. ESPN allows Knight to wear sweaters on the air instead of a suit and tie and now this. I don’t understand it. The Associated […]