Videos of the Week — Australian Morning TV Clips

I haven’t done a Videos of the Week in a very long time. Having my weekends planned for me behind my back are a major factor. But let’s do one right now. With us being in the vacuum of the US, it’s easy to be unaware of international TV, but thanks to the internet and […]

Videos of the Week — 2008 Olympics

As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London or officially known as Games of the XXX Olympiad get underway on Friday, let’s look back at how the 2008 Games in Communist China were covered by the English language rightsholders in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. I’ll provide videos of various opens, closes […]

Videos of the Week: The NFL Today on CBS

This is some amazing stuff. I don’t know who uploaded these to YouTube, but this is some pretty video showing entire editions of The NFL Today on CBS. This is from Week 13 in 1979. Brent Musburger is the host (why he has never won a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Studio Host is beyond me), […]

Videos of the Week: Funny Australian Open Interviews

I don’t know what got into the water in Melbourne over the last two weeks, but tennis players showed some spunk and personality during postmatch interviews and press conferences throughout the fortnight. That is a very good thing too as tennis tries to regain popularity in the United States. If players continue to show humor […]

Videos of the Week – Lee Corso Fires Off Guns on College Gameday

Since analyst Lee Corso began making his mascot head predictions on College Gameday in 1996, he has made his prognostications entertaining. Sometimes, the pick is just a football helmet or a mascot head, but a very funny addition has been Corso attempting to fire rifles, pistols or a variation of. Noticeably, this has happened in […]

Videos of the Week – NFL Copyright ID’s

You’ve seen the video before each NFL game and it’s on every network whether it be CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC or NFL Network. For a time, they were even shown before NFL Films presentations on ESPN. Ever since 1998, NFL TV partners are required to air the video, “XXX Sports welcomes you to this presentation […]

Videos of the Week – Worst Sports Themes

After a two week hiatus, the Videos of the Week return continuing a theme I started last month, Best Sports TV Themes. You can check them out here, here, here, here and here. There are a good many sports themes, but there are also some bad ones. Not every sports theme is a home run […]

Videos of the Week – Best Sports Themes, Part IV

This is the fourth and last part of Best Sports Themes. Today, we’re focusing on sports anthologies such as ABC’s Wide World of Sports, CBS Sports Spectacular, NBC SportsWorld and the like. We’ll start this with the original sports anthology program, Wide World of Sports. It’s cut off, but it’s pretty cool to see iconic […]

Videos of the Week – Best Sports Themes, Part II

Last week, I did a Videos of the Week on the Best Sports TV themes and it was so popular that it warranted a follow up that same day. And it’s now time to do a Part II and give you some more themes. I’ll do some college basketball, pregame shows and soccer. Let’s get […]

Videos of The Week Follow Up – Best Sports Themes

The Videos of the Week have been popular today so I’m going to give you a few more from various sports. NFL Let’s do the NFL and this theme from NBC Sports used for its last three years as rightsholder for the AFC package from 1995 to 1997. Composed by Randy Edelman, it became quite […]

Videos of the Week – Best Sports Themes

This week, I’m bringing back Videos of the Week and I’m doing sports TV themes. Some themes like TSN’s Hockey Song or NBC’s Roundball Rock are as identifiable with the sports they represent. Some such as ESPN’s old Sunday Night Football theme are forgettable. But today, I’m going work in my favorite sports themes of […]

Videos of the Week – Favorite Women's Bands

Ok, time to do a Videos of the Week feature and instead of doing sports, I’ll be doing a music video post. Haven’t done one in a while. This one will feature some of my favorite all-female or female-led bands over the years. There’s some good music here so get ready to enjoy. I’ll begin […]

Videos of the Week – Chet Simmons' Influence on Sports

With the death of Chet Simmons on Thursday, I thought I would bring you some of the programs that he helped to bring into fruition as an executive at both ABC and NBC Sports, then as the first President of a fledgling cable sports network known as ESPN. Without his guidance, ESPN would have never […]

Videos of the Week – 2002 Winter Olympics

Last week, I took a break from doing the Videos of the Week and the look back at previous Winter Olympics. Time to do it again, this week, we look back at NBC’s first Winter Olympics since Sapporo, Japan in 1972. Back then, Curt Gowdy was the overall host for NBC. In 2002, it was […]

Videos of the Week – 1994 Winter Olympics

Time for another edition of the Videos of the Week as I get you ready for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver on February 12. I’ve already presented a look back at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary through the eyes of ABC Sports. And last week, there was the flashback to the 1992 Winter Games […]