Way To Be Sexist, NewsTalk 1010

In the latest example of “How Not to Use Social Media,” NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto sent out a tweet that has managed to piss off half of the population. This is coming from a news/talk station in Canada! Forgetting that many women love the NFL, we have this tweet: I took a screengrab knowing that […]

Breaking Out The Friday Linkage

Ok, time for some linkage on a Friday. Let’s get to this. Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing reports that NBC Sports Network, formerly Versus, also known as OLN, and once the Outdoor Life Network, will undergo yet another rebranding. Douglas Alden Warshaw at Fortune/CNN Money says the ESPN hiring of Nate Silver could transform sports […]

Bringing Out Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage while I can. We’ll begin with Anthony CrupiCrupiCrupi who has some classic lines in his story on Keith Olbermann’s return to ESPN2. So funny. In the Sherman Report, Ed Sherman is amazed that the napalmed bridges at ESPN have been repaired for Olbermann to come back. I wrote two stories about […]

Lessons in Social Media for the Professional Athlete

Saturday night has been a bizarre night. After George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers in Florida, reaction in the media and social networking has been swift. Whether you agree or disagree with the verdict is beside the point. However, the reaction by some has not been kind. Professional athletes […]

Bringing Out a Few Thursday Sports Media Thoughts

Time for some sports media thoughts on this Thursday. As usual, they come in bullet form. Well, the hires at Fox Sports 1 just continue to grow. Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead broke some news this week about one of the sports blogosphere’s most popular stars: Not a huge surprise, but the very pretty

Some Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some links today. Brian Steinberg of Variety reports that Fox Sports is bundling Fox Sports 1 to potential Super Bowl XLVIII advertisers. That’s one way to get ads on the new network. Brian Lowry of Variety says Tennis Channel is crying foul at Comcast in trying to gain carriage on the cable provider’s […]

Some Quick Monday Linkage

Lots of stuff to get to and so little time. Here’s the linkage. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch has his regular Monday sports media column in which he discusses a new hire for NBC’s Football Night in America, ESPN’s World Cup plans and Bill Simmons’ future in the NBA studio. USA Today reports that former Kansas […]

Some Quick Thursday Linkage

Trying to provide two consecutive days of linkage, something I haven’t done in quite some time. Here we go. Pete Iacobelli of the Associated Press writes that Fox is still investigating the incident that caused a rope supporting its overhead camera to snap at the Coca-Cola 600. Tim Baysinger of Multichannel News writes that Fox […]

A Much Too Rare Case of Wednesday Linkage

I’ve been neglecting a couple of things that have been staples of this site, linkage and sports media thoughts. I’m taking care of linkage today. I hope to have a sports media thoughts post this week. It’s all about managing time. Let’s go. Richard Deitsch of Sports lllustrated has his usual weekly media column. He […]

Anatomy of a Very Bizarre Day

Monday was quite the day in the sports world. As people were getting up and preparing to go to work on the East Coast, little would they know how things were going to develop. Let’s review what happened as events occurred. All times listed below are Eastern. 7:53 a.m. —

Advertisers Taking Notice of Viewers Using Social Media During Sporting Events

I’ve been meaning to post this video for about a week. It’s an interesting video from the Associated Press noting how second screens are becoming more and more important in sports. If you’re not aware of the term “second screen,” it means people are using their mobiles, tablets or computers as a companion to watching […]

Breaking Out Some Sunday Linkage

I haven’t done Sunday links in a very long while. It seems as if part of my weekends have been planned for me behind my back for almost three years straight. Finally glad to be able to do links on a weekend. Charlie White at Mashable talks about NASCAR taking down fan videos of the horrific […]

A Fast Wednesday Sports Media Notebook

In lieu of linkage which has been sorely lacking, my sincere apologies, I give a sports media notebook which includes some links for you. Life has gotten in the way and you’ve responded by not visiting the site. It tells me you want fresh content so I’ll do my best to provide that to you […]

It’s Hockey Day in America

As the late Bob Johnson used to say, “It’s a great day for hockey.” As it’s cold in the Northeast and it snowed in Southern New England, it’s certainly is a great day for hockey. And to celebrate the sport, the NBC Sports Group, the NHL and USA Hockey have declared today as Hockey Day […]