Some Thursday Linkage

Yesterday ended up being quite busy and I think today will as well, but at least I can provide you with the linkage that was lacking on Wednesday. Here we go. Sean Leahy at USA Today notes that the NFL’s skyrocketing ratings are putting pressure on the league in its collecting bargaining with the Players […]

Our Friday Megalinks

Time to do our megalinks. Kind of difficult as I watch the tributes to Walter Cronkite who passed away at the age of 92 tonight. He was one of the reasons why I went into broadcast journalism. I’ll press on with the links tonight. As usual, I’ll begin with the Weekend Viewing Picks. We’re officially […]

Some Late Night Linkage

Time for some links on this Thursday. Starting with the Associated Press which states that the American Sportscasters Association has named Lesley Visser as the top female sportscaster. Here’s the release from the American Sportscasters Association and those who are ranked after Lesley. Based on her career, I would agree with this. Lesley was the […]