NBC Unveils its On-Air Talent Roster for the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Ok, NBC has finally set its lineup for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Sochi is a warm water city in Sochi which averages 50 degrees in February and cost over $51 billion to construct. This are a few revisions from the lineup I posted earlier this month from the NBC Sports Pressbox website. […]

Bringing Out Some Wednesday Links For You

Time for some linkage in this mid-week and last day of the 2012 MLB regular season. Lots of things to get to. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand analyzes the new MLB TV deals with Fox and Turner. Nate Davis of USA Today’s Game On blog previews tonight’s NFL Network “A Football Life” documentary. John Ourand and […]

A Few Wednesday Sports Media Thoughts

I’ll provide a few thoughts as we hit midweek. They’ll be in bullet form, of course. First, here’s hoping the people of New Orleans will be ok in the midst of Hurricane Isaac. They’ve put up with way too much from Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Gustav and the BP oil spill, I pray they endure […]

Some Quick Monday Links

My apologies for not bringing you links over the last week. It’s been a crazy time for me. Some linkage now. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that NBC’s Rowdy Gaines doesn’t believe that Michael Phelps won’t be swimming competitively four years from now. And Hiestand reports that Matt Millen will ruin your college football […]

Some Monday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

While I’m away from a computer this morning, I provide these thoughts to you so you have some fresh material here. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. As usual, I’ll go in bullet form. We’re three games into NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football schedule and the duo of Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock […]

A Full Tuesday Linkfest! Finally!

For the last week, I haven’t been able to do a full set of links. Work has been crazy, but I hope to give one today. It’s either going to the other office or heading out with the boss to various work sites or head to meetings, but today should be calmer. I’ve started a […]

Bringing Out the Wednesday Links

Ok, let’s do the Wednesday linkage. Quite a few things to get to. We begin with Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal who when we last saw him during the World Series last October, was wearing a bowtie despite his protests to management. Well, we find that Ken will continue wearing a bowtie this season, but rather […]

Finally, Our Tuesday Links

Thanks to the server host getting a Denial of Service attack last night, Fang’s Bites has been down for most of the day. Not happy for not being able to blog for most of the day, although I’m back up for now. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll give you linkage now and hope you’ll […]

2nd Annual Fang’s Bites MLB TV Awards

With the baseball season over, it’s time to bring you the 2nd Fang’s Bites Awards for broadcasting. You can see what transpired last year. This will deal with the national partners, not local. Some of the choices will be obvious, some might not. Let’s get to this so we can bring the season to a […]

Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote – 2010

Ok, while I’m away at a wedding today, I give you my annual post of The Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote. Usually, I’ll try to make each year’s edition different. And since the weekend is near, why not give you a post that doesn’t make you think too much. Of […]

Doing The Sunday Links

Well, my day has been planned for me, but I don’t want to leave you without links so I got up early to provide some until I return home sometime after 6 tonight. Without further ado, here are the links. Tom Van Riper at Forbes cautions fans who are caught up in the Pac 10/12 […]

Monday Back To Work Links

Ok, we haven’t done linkage since Thursday. Was busy Friday and Saturday and on Sunday, I rested. So it’s time to give you stuffage today. You deserve it. I am experimenting with logos on the top of the page so if you see something different over the next few days, you’ll know that I’m trying […]

MLB Network Ready To Ramp Up "30 Clubs in 30 Days" Again

One of my favorite features last season was when MLB Network launched was the “30 Clubs in 30 Days” show that visited every single baseball team during Spring Training. I totally ate this up and I’ll do so again this year. This is the schedule for this season. Friend of Fang’s Bites Trenni Kusnierek will […]

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 18

A new edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast with Southeastern New England media mogul Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal. This was a very good edition if I do so myself. In the first segment, Keith and I talk about MLB Network getting the big interview of Mark McGwire as he admitted using steroids […]

Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote – 2009

It’s time for the 2009 edition of The Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote. It’s an annual tradition here at Fang’s Bites and one which I take time from providing the links to providing the list. No gratuitous photos, but I will provide a few pics where I can find them. […]