The Big Dozen Sports Media Stories of 2013

It’s time to look back at the Year in Sports Media. Once again, it was a rather busy year in covering sports media. Since beginning this site in 2007, covering sports media has grown to a 24/7 beat. It’s never enough to cull stories to 10. That’s why I have “The Big Dozen.” Why is […]

Way To Be Sexist, NewsTalk 1010

In the latest example of “How Not to Use Social Media,” NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto sent out a tweet that has managed to piss off half of the population. This is coming from a news/talk station in Canada! Forgetting that many women love the NFL, we have this tweet: I took a screengrab knowing that […]

Fang’s Bites on ABC6

Yesterday, I was interviewed for a story that appeared on WLNE (ABC6) in Providence. This was regarding a business scam that has permeated small businesses in Rhode Island. Now, before we go any further, let me say that this was for the business owned by my dad. He’s owned an engineering company since 1986. I […]

Some Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some links today. Brian Steinberg of Variety reports that Fox Sports is bundling Fox Sports 1 to potential Super Bowl XLVIII advertisers. That’s one way to get ads on the new network. Brian Lowry of Variety says Tennis Channel is crying foul at Comcast in trying to gain carriage on the cable provider’s […]

Atlanta Radio Station Fires Hosts Over Tasteless Steve Gleason Bit

Earlier today, an Atlanta sports radio station, 790 The Zone, thought it would be funny to make fun of former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason who suffers from the debilitating ALS. In this bit, they had a mock Gleason who has to use a computer to communicate, do “Knock, Knock” jokes and say he […]

Some Quick Tuesday Linkage

On my way to New York for the Fox Sports 1 unveiling and I’m going to try to do some links with the limited wifi that Amtrak has provided. It’s not the best, but it’ll do for what I need today. Let’s begin with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch who along with Matt Yoder from Awful […]

Another Manti Te’o Clip From Katie Couric

We have another preview clip of the Manti Te’o interview that will air on Katie Couric’s nationally syndicated program. It airs today. Check your local listings for time and channel. In this clip, Manti Te’o tells Katie about the time that the now-fake Lennay Kekua came out of her fake coma. MANTI TE’O SPEAKS OUT […]

Video Clips of Manti Te’o Talking with Katie Couric

ABC and Disney Television have released clips of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o talking with Katie Couric for her nationally syndicated show. The interview airs Thursday daytime. As they say, check your local listings. I have seen the two clips that have been released to television stations. I still don’t know if Te’o is telling […]

Katie Couric Gets The First On-Camera Interview With Manti Te’o

On the surface, this seems a bit strange that Manti Te’o would have his first on-camera interview with a person who doesn’t have a sports background. But when you look underneath the surface, you realize that there are connections between Te’o and Katie Couric. First, Katie Couric will have the first on-camera interview with Notre […]

Two Interviews and Lots of Questions Still Remain

This week has been Bizarro World in sports. First, there was word that Oprah Winfrey had interviewed disgraced cyclist and admitted PED user Lance Armstrong, a two and a half hour interview that would air over two nights. Then mid-week, we learned through Deadspin about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s girlfriend hoax that was perpetuated […]

Manti Te’o Speaks With ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap

ESPN has just announced that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has conducted an off-camera interview with Jeremy Schaap that will be posted on and be made public on SportsCenter after midnght ET. ESPN public relations tweeted this picture showing Schaap, Te’o and part of Te’o’s public relations team at a conference table with no […]

Wringing Out Some Thursday Linkage

This has been a rather bizarre 24 hour period trying to follow this Manti Te’o story. I’m going to provide some linkage for you. Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey at Deadspin provide some information on what the media missed on the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend story. Ty Duffy at The Big Lead says it’s time […]

Jeremy Schaap Explains The Manti Te’o Mess

If you’re still confused over the entire Manti Te’o story, ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap explains the entire situation complete with past interviews with the Notre Dame defensive star. Now, Schaap was originally scheduled to interview Te’o today, however, it appears the entire Q&A session has been scrapped. Schaap would have done a thorough job. Here’s a […]

Some Quick Midweek Links

I keep getting bogged down with family stuff. I’m going to try and provide some linkage now. Deadspin’s Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey have the story of the day exposing the inspirational Manti Te’o’s girlfriend story as one huge hoax. Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing has Twitter reaction to the Te’o girlfriend hoax. Michael Hiestand […]

Oh My! It’s The Return of The Linkage!

It’s been way too long since you’ve seen linkage on this site. This has been the main mission of Fang’s Bites since the beginning, but too often, I get roped into doing family stuff and it prevents me from getting on here until late. I hope to rectify that. So without further delay, here’s the […]

The Big Dozen Sports Media Stories of 2012

Time for the look back at the Year in Sports Media in 2012. Lots of great stuff. The year has been very interesting and we have seen a lot of things. Just doing a Top Ten is never enough for the Year in Review. It’s always an even dozen with some honorable mentions mixed in. […]

Thursday Sports Media Notebook

As the linkage has been lacking, I’m going to try a new feature. In addition to an occasional sports media thoughts post, I’m going to attempt to make this a regular feature. This will incorporate some linkage and some thoughts. Think of it like Peter Gammons’ baseball notes column, but not as extensive. As I […]

Rob Parker Suspended For 30 Days For RGIII First Take Comments

This just in from ESPN, Rob Parker, the man who made incendiary comments about DC NFL Team quarterback Robert Griffin III on First Take, has been suspended by the network. After the racebaiting comments were aired not just once, not just twice, but three times last Thursday, ESPN said it had suspended Parker until further […]

ESPN Suspends Rob Parker Indefinitely

In the wake of yesterday’s incendiary comments by Rob Parker on ESPN2’s First Take on Robert Griffin III, the network has taken disciplinary action and suspended him indefinitely. ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys tweeted this statement: Following yesterday’s comments, Rob Parker has been suspended until further notice.We are conducting a full review. — Mike Soltys (@espnmikes)