The Nominees for the 35th Annual Sports Emmy Awards

The nominees are out. A few interesting developments for this year’s Emmys. In the play-by-play category, Al Michaels is noticeably absent. Marv Albert, Mike Breen, Joe Buck, Bob Costas (?) and Mike Emrick are nominees. I guess the Academy decided to put Bob in this category in addition to his customary Studio Host nomination. For […]

Breaking Out The Friday Linkage

Ok, time for some linkage on a Friday. Let’s get to this. Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing reports that NBC Sports Network, formerly Versus, also known as OLN, and once the Outdoor Life Network, will undergo yet another rebranding. Douglas Alden Warshaw at Fortune/CNN Money says the ESPN hiring of Nate Silver could transform sports […]

NBC Sports Group is All Over The 100th Tour de France

Starting this weekend, the NBC Sports Group will cover the Tour de France. Coverage of the Tour has been a signature event for the network that was originally known as Outdoor Life Network, then OLN, then Versus and now NBC Sports Network. All 21 stages of the 100th Tour will be aired live either on […]

Some Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

Let’s provide a few sports media thoughts on this Sunday. You know they’ll be in bullet form. ESPN’s live coverage of Wimbledon has been a joy over the last two weeks. Most everything has been shown on the Family of Networks. And in the second week when both ESPN and ESPN2 were deployed for the […]

Doing Some Monday Linkage

Let’s bring out some Monday links today. Starting with Michael Hiestand of USA Today, he talks with Fox’s Erin Andrews (weird to write that) about her decision to leave ESPN. A.J. Perez of Fox Sports has Erin’s reaction to joining the network. Jane Kellogg and Alex Ben Block of the Hollywood Reporter write about Erin […]

It's A Friday Megalink Day

And can you believe I’ve been able to do linkage for most of the week? Hasn’t been like that in a long while. Glad I’ve been able to get it done. Time for your Friday megalinks. As usual, we provide the Weekend Viewing Picks which has plenty of MLB and U.S. Olympic Trials action. Let’s […]

NBC Sports Group Announces Long-Term Extension For Tour de France

Announced today by the NBC Sports Group, the Tour de France will air primarily on NBC Sports Network and on NBC through 2023. The new agreement begins in 2014 and calls for a ten year contract. Most of the 21 stages will air on NBC Sports Network with some shown live on NBC. NBC will […]

Your Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some Tuesday links. We’ll start with Matt Hayes of AOL Sporting News and he writes that the BCS is looking for a $5 billion TV deal over a decade for its new college football playoff. In the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Michael Bradley says the new college football playoff still can […]

NBC Sports Group All Over The Tour de France

It’s that time of year when we get notices on summer sports events. The Tour de France is no exception. When Versus was trying to get on the map, it was the Tour de France that helped the network gain a small foothold, especially when Lance Armstrong was in the midst of his run of […]

Let's Do The Friday Megalinks Again

Linkage has been scarce around the site this week, but I should be able to get a good set of megalinks in today as we head into NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday. You deserve the links and I thank you for your patience around some server problems this week. As usual, you can check the Weekend […]

NBC Sports To Air Coverage of Tour de France

Coming in July, NBC Sports will take some 12 hours of coverage, 8 of which will be live, of the Tour de France. Now this has been a signature event for Versus, now NBC Sports Network, over the past decade. Now, the NBC mothership will air live coverage of the event for the first time. […]

It’s A Monday Linkfest

For some reason, I’ve been out of the office a couple of times today and it’s pissing me off. Anyway, I’m back in the office now and barring an unforeseen interruption, I should be able to give you linkage here. Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand has the local MLB TV ratings for the first half […]

Bringing You Sunday Linkage

I’m at work again, but I’m trying to cope by flicking on the Watch ESPN for the Women’s World Cup game against Brazil. I’ll give you what linkage I can find today. Mike McCarthy of USA Today says Turner Sports has reportedly hired Shaquille O’Neal for its NBA coverage. Still no official comment from Turner. […]

Unveiling The Thursday Links

Been a busy day at work once again. Doing these late and I’ll try to put forth as many links as I can before being told to leave the office. Sports Business Daily takes a look at the one year anniversary of the infamous “The Decision” that made LeBron James a pariah in Cleveland and […]

A Few 4th of July Links

Let’s provide some linkage on this 4th of July holiday. I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are. Aaron Couch of the Hollywood Reporter writes about ESPN taking over the Wimbledon TV contract after a 43 year association with NBC. Richard Sandomir of the New York Times says NBC wanted to use Versus […]