24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs Premieres Saturday on HBO

HBO’s critically acclaimed documentary series, 24/7 returns on Saturday and it’s back to look at the NHL Winter Classic with the two teams which were supposed to play at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor earlier this year. Due to the blasted lockout, the Winter Classic was postponed until January 1, 2014. The Detroit Red Wings […]

Bringing Out Some Wednesday Links For You

Time for some linkage in this mid-week and last day of the 2012 MLB regular season. Lots of things to get to. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand analyzes the new MLB TV deals with Fox and Turner. Nate Davis of USA Today’s Game On blog previews tonight’s NFL Network “A Football Life” documentary. John Ourand and […]

A Few Monday Links

I’m going to be away from a computer for most of the day so I’ll provide a few links for you now. If I can, I’ll provide more later when I’m back. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that Floyd Mayweather vs. Larry Merchant II did not materialize after Saturday’s Mayweather-Cotto fight on pay per […]

It’s The Linkage! At Long Last and It’s Back!

I think it’s about a week and a half since I’ve been able to do links. Been crazy with me, but you’ve still been visiting and I appreciate that. Time to provide you with sports media news links which is what the site depends on to begin with. Thanks for your patience during this trying […]

Some Wednesday Linkage

I’m dragging this morning after writing my Amazing Race Asia, Episode 2 recap well into the wee morning hours. I’ve trapped myself into a corner writing them knowing that there’s a loyal audience from both Asia and the U.S. for them. I think because the last episode was 90 minutes, it was particularly hard to […]

A Megalink Friday

It’s time for the megalinks. Let’s get into them, but first, let’s look at the viewing menu for this weekend. The NFL Draft is the Viewing Pick of the weekend. Both ESPN and the NFL Network will have wall-to-wall coverage of the Draft starting Saturday at 3 p.m. and continuing through Sunday. This year’s draft […]

Double Yoi! The Monday Links

I’m dragging as I worked into the wee hours of the morning. I’m even dozing off as I write so I’ve got to finish the links and do some work. Let’s get started. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that Bob Knight’s first appearance on the ESPN family of networks was just like his press […]

Saturday Links

Giving you your Saturday links on this blustery and rainy Saturday (in Rhode Island, at least). Starting with Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News, he writes that Bob Knight is not a good fit for ESPN. David Knox of the Birmingham (AL) News wonders if Knight can even act properly in front of a […]

Tuesday Afternoon Update

Some links for you this afternoon. This weekend, NBC will be airing the Players Championship, also known as golf’s Fifth Major. It means that the network will not show any NHL Playoff games. The Buffalo News’ Alan Pergament wonders why NBC chooses not to bring any of the Conference Championship games. I’ll tell you why. […]