Churning Out Some Thursday Links

It’s Thursday already? Man, this week is flying by fast. Let’s do some linkage. We begin with Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated who says Keith Olbermann was contrite when his return to ESPN2 was announced. Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead breaks news that Olbermann may make some more buzz for ESPN by hosting a […]

Monday Linkage

Let’s do some links now. I have to write my recap of Blogs with Balls 4 while everything is still fresh in my mind. It really was a great event to attend and wonderful to meet so many good people. I hope to have the BwB recap up tonight. Here are some links for you. […]

Bringing Out The Wednesday Links

Too many things going on today both at work and in sports media. Trying to figure out a balance. I’ll do my best. We have some linkage for you. From Wayne Friedman of MediaPost, he hears from an ESPN executive who’s optimistic the network will have enough programming to survive a potential NFL lockout. USA […]

Our Sunday Linkage

Time for some Sunday linkage. Let’s see what’s out there. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News takes a look at where the NHL stands as far as its media partners, sponsorships and ratings are concerned. Mike writes that Golf Channel received good ratings for Tiger Woods’ 2011 debut to the PGA Tour on Thursday. In the […]

Time For The Thursday Linkage

Let’s do the linkage for this Thursday. Got off to a late start, but that’s due to some overdue paperwork I had to complete. Now that it’s done, I can do some linkage for you. Let’s begin with USA Today’s Michael McCarthy who looks at the impact of a Tiger Woods-less PGA Tour on both […]

Some Quick New Year's Day Links

Here at Chez Fang’s Bites, the New Year got off to a bang when my boiler went out. So it’s cold, but thankfully, the boiler repairman who advertises 24/7 emergency service has already been here, but as he needs some parts, I wait so I’ll give you some links. This was unexpected, but what was […]

Some Quick Wednesday Linkage

With the Christmas holiday beckoning, my blogging schedule has been affected as I’m taking care of personal business so the linkage will be a little light over the next few days. I’ll give you some quick links while I can. You’ve probably heard about this already and this is something Keith Thibault of Sports Media […]