Some Tuesday Late Links

We have some links for you on this Tuesday. First, from Awful Announcing via Sports by Brooks, we get the call from Bob Lamey of the Colts Radio Network totally blowing the call of the missed FG attempt by Adam Vinitieri during Sunday night’s Colts-Chargers game. Oops. Thanks to Boston Sports Media Watch for the […]

Wednesday Update

As I’m watching the WTA Sony Ericsson Championships from Madrid, Span online (since I don’t want to have the website shut down, I won’t link to it, but if you really want to see them, you can e-mail me for the site), it’s time to give you some links. But before I get to them, […]

Some Tuesday PM Links

Let’s give you an afternoon update. First, let me thank Neil Best of Newsday for putting Fang’s Bites on his Blogroll. It’s much appreciated. Neil has been prolific since starting his Watchdog blog back in May which is about when I re-launched this site after being dormant for two years. Since then, this blog has […]

Some Tuesday Night Links or TBS Hot Corner was Pretty Popular

Checking around the ‘net for links this evening, I came across a few things that I did not cover earlier today so I’ll give you some stuff before turning in for the evening. Before going into the links, watching the coverage of the Red Sox Rolling Rally from New England Cable News through was […]

Our Tuesday Night Update or How Does Gregg Easterbrook Still Have His Gig?

Here’s a brief update for you. Gregg Easterbrook is not making friends out in the blogosphere. I like his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, but it’s getting hard to defend him especially when he makes totally inane comments and tries to present them as facts. Earlier this month, ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber correctly took Easterbrook […]

A Tuesday Afternoon Update

Well, I found some linkage for this afternoon. Let’s get to them. Good friend, LC of the anti-Glenn Geffner blog, 38 Cliches, has the news that regular listeners of the Red Sox Radio Network outside of Boston won’t be able to hear Goofner during the World Series unless they log on the internet. ESPN Radio […]

Tuesday Night Update

As the Red Sox are in danger of falling behind in the ALCS, 3 games to 1, I’ll do an update now. Neil Best of Newsday blogs that WFAN’s Mike Francesca has made the claim that he was a potential candidate to be on Monday Night Football during the time Dennis Miller was selected to […]

Tuesday Update or "I Cry at Cinderella"

I’ll explain the title in a moment. Time to give you a few links this afternoon. Last night, WCBS Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman was doing the postgame show and what she did has become fodder on blogs and sports radio stations across the country. And it’s unbeknownst to me why WCBS put this on its […]

Tuesday Night Stuff

Time for some links on this Tuesday night. Let me say The War is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It’s compelling, the footage from the front lines taken by newsreels or by official military filmmakers is amazing. And hearing how people coped at home in four cities, Waterbury, CT; Mobile, AL; […]

DirecTV apologizes. Sort of. And an Mini-Update to Boot.

If you’re a subscriber to DirecTV and its NFL Sunday Ticket Superfan service, you’re eligible to watch games online through Supercast. Now on Sunday, I and many subscribers had difficulty accessing the site. I chronicled this twice on Sunday. I’ve sent e-mails to their public relations department to get an answer, but so far, no […]

Tuesday Night Linkage

Time to give you a few links tonight before heading to bed. It appears that the NFL’s TV partners will not have to deal with the silly 45 seconds of online video rule for their websites. The Sports Business Journal’s Eric Fisher, Dan Kaplan and John Ourand report that the 45 second rule does not […]

Time for the Tuesday Update

Kind of slow on this Tuesday afternoon, but I still try to find links for you because you’re a loyal visitor. Well, CNBC’s Darren Rovell is officially smitten with Ana Ivanovic. He has another post on her, this one on her sponsor on the WTA Tour. And in case you’re skeptical about Ana’s beauty (you […]

Late Tuesday Update

Here are some links for you today. Even though the Big Ten Conference is having trouble launching its channel, other college conferences are looking into launching channels of their own. Michael Smith and John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal report that the Southeastern Conference may forge ahead with plans to launch a channel and […]