Wringing Out Some Friday Megalinks

Let’s do your media megalinks since last week you did not get any. Hard to believe that college baseball, college lacrosse and NASCAR seasons are starting up, but they are and they’re included in the Weekend Viewing Picks along with the regular Golf, NBA, NHL, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis and Entertainment recommendations. To your links now. […]

Back For Monday’s Linkage

After not being able to provide linkage for a few days, let’s get back to it. I probably won’t be able to do the links as I have to undergo a medical procedure. Nothing serious. I should be back on Wednesday. Let’s do your links. Sports Business Daily looks over the reviews of ESPN’s handling […]

Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote — 2011

Time to bring the annual Hot Chicks Post back again. The original post in 2007 had what can be considered a Mount Rushmore of Women on TV. In 2008, we had another strong list featuring Fang’s Bites fave Charissa Thompson and Heidi Watney. The 2009 list had Olivia Munn, Trenni Kusnierek and NFL Network’s Lindsay […]

Bringing Out Some Saturday Links

I started to do the Megalinks last night, but I fell asleep at my computer while doing them. I was out for most of the Friday so it prevented me from sitting down and pounding out the linkage yesterday. I’ll do it now to get you going for the 4th of July weekend. There’s a […]

Cranking Out Some Saturday Links

Let’s do some linkage. I couldn’t get to them yesterday as I was racing in between two offices and by the time I got home, I wasn’t in the mood to sift through media links. I’ll do some now and include some Friday stories. First, USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at the old ABC’s Wide […]

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 41 – Tina Cervasio, MSG Network

Today’s podcast was a whole technical clusteryouknowwhat thanks to my Skype issues and bad AT&T connection. But Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal and I managed to plow through. During the news of the week segment, Keith and I talk about ESPN Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer’s assessment of LeBron James’ decision that was aired for 73 […]

Saturday Linkage

Let’s do some links right now while I can. We’ll start with Stephen Wilson of the Associated Press who writes that the International Olympic Committee plans to start the US TV rights bidding for the 2014/2016 Games after the Vancouver Winter Olympics next year. Joe Lemire of Sports Illustrated says umpires can blame increased scrutiny […]

Sunday's Linkage

I’ve been meaning to give you linkage today, but I got engrossed in the Wimbledon Men’s Final between Roger Federer-Andy Roddick and then ran more errands than I expected so I’m now doing the links in the evening. Let’s do some links. Sports Illustated tennis writer Jon Wertheim has some thoughts on the media coverage […]

Follow Friday V

This is another edition of Follow Friday, originally started on Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, you know how it works. If not, you can find out how it began at Mashable. Anyway, I don’t feel like explaining it right now so I’m just going to go into the feature. Here are several blogs and […]

Friday Night Megalinks or How I Wish I Could Blog During the Day

Wow, this work schedule is really killing me. I’m at the point when I’m in the home office without any internet access, I really feel like I’m in a vacuum not knowing what the hell is going on. Total news blackout and even though I can check e-mail thanks to my iPhone, I still feel […]

Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote – 2008

Last year, I had an entry, Five Women Who Can Make Me Stop Flipping The Remote. Every once in a while, I notice people doing a Google search for the women on that list will stop on that page and look at what I came up with. If you don’t want to click on the […]

A Saturday Linkfest

Well, it’s a drab day in Southern New England, lots of rain and plenty of overcast skies, plus people all go to the Post Office at the same time to send out packages. It’s never fun waiting at the Post Office. Anyway, time to get to our links. Starting off with Friend of Fang’s Bites, […]

Some Wednesday Night Links

I’ve got to get up really early on Thursday so I won’t have the links for you right off the bat so you’ll have to make due with my Wednesday night links for now. I’ll start with the NBA since the Association released its schedule today. I’m not a huge NBA fan so I was […]

Friday Megalinks – Part I

I’m back from my trek to Western Massachusetts. It will take me quite some time to compile the links so let me give them to you in multiple parts, perhaps two or three installments. This weekend, the NBA Playoffs begin and the NHL Playoffs continue. Baseball concludes its third weekend of play. The PGA Tour […]

It's a Monday Thing

Back to the work grind. Not fun, but gotta do it. And it also means some more links for you today. I’ve updated the NHL Playoff Series post through today. The NHL has not updated times for the upcoming weekend as Games Five and Six would be played for the first round series. Once they […]