Some More Monday Evening Links

Because I had to cut my last entry short, I will give you some more links tonight. ESPN outlines its coverage for Wimbledon which will start later this month. Take some time and read The Biz of Baseball’s State of Major League Baseball 2008 authored by various writers, authors, bloggers and baseball execs. If you […]

Luke Russert Pays Tribute to Father Tim

On the Today show this morning, Tim Russert’s son, Luke talked with Matt Lauer for 15 minutes. You can certainly see why Tim was so proud of Luke in the way he handled himself in this interview. He certainly is a fine young man.

It's a Saturday Link Afternoon

I’ve been Mr. Fixit today, running errands and fixing things around the house. I just wondered what we did before HGTV or DIY Network. Without them, there’s no way we could not do the simpler repairs around the house. But thanks to them, we can fix things around the kitchen sink or the back yard […]

Mourning Broadcasters

In a span of a short seven days, we have lost three broadcasters. Each man has helped to shape the industry. And as we go into Father’s Day weekend, we find that Jim McKay, Charlie Jones and Tim Russert were devout family men. Last Saturday, June 7, Jim McKay of ABC Sports died in Maryland […]