Could Meadowlands be the Next Sopranos?

I was surfing the net this evening just minding my own business when I came across a preview for Showtime’s new series, “Meadowlands” that premieres on Sunday. The premise is a family that goes into the witness protection program and is given new names, new life, new home, all in a neighborhood where everything looks […]

More Tuesday Links

First, I would like to welcome those who are coming over to this blog from the Imus Truth blog and Support Imus website. In one of my entries yesterday, I linked to an article from Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News talking about the search to replace Don Imus. This is what I […]

Quick Links

I’ll give you a couple of links this morning. Work issues, you know the drill. Anyway, here are a few to tie you over for now. Red Sox fans know that Manny Ramirez is not speaking to the media this season so it came as a surprise when Man-Ram did a video piece with Fang’s […]

The Weekend in Review and The Sopranos Finale

Nice to have a weekend free of Paris Hilton news. And as I was ramping up for the finale of The Sopranos, I stayed away from the computer for the most part. One place I do endorse is Wright’s Farm in northern Rhode Island. Great all you can eat chicken as well as pasta, french […]