The L Word: Max's Interrogation

Yes, I’m still posting The L Word interrogation tapes although it appears we’ll never know who killed Jenny Schecter. This is Max’s interrogation and it adds nothing. Thank you, Ilene Chaiken. And we’ll apparently never find out who’s responsible for Jenny’s death because Showtime will not buy Ilene’s pilot, “The Farm” which was to star […]

The L Word, Episode 5 Previews

This week, I have two clips for Episode 5 (just four more episodes!) of The L Word. In this first clip, Alice finds out that Jenny has stolen her idea for her new movie script. So you have another suspect in Jenny’s death. This next clip is Crazy Jenny forbidding Shane to see Nikki. The […]

I Think I Know Who Kills Jenny On The L Word

I’m not going to write it here, but after watching Showtime’s preview of the new and last season of The L Word, I think I know who killed Jenny. There’s a proposed spinoff of The L Word that could be picked up when the series ends. If you’ve been reading up on your L Word […]

The Fang's Bites Mid-Season TV Preview

With this being January, we’re seeing the return of several shows plus the premiere of some new ones. I’m going to give you the shows I’m looking forward to seeing return, plus the new series I’m looking forward to. I’ll do the returning shows first, then the new shows last and I’ll do them in […]

The L Word – Jenny's Dead????

It came out today that The L Word is killing off Jenny Schecter. I liked Jenny, I should say I like Mia Kirshner, but Jenny is a character that has become extremely annoying over the first five seasons. If you want to see how we come to know, watch this scene. Jenny will be seen […]

First Promo for "The L Word", Season 6

Here’s your first promo for “The L Word”, Season 6. Unfortunately, it’s the last season of the show and each season has always gone by so quickly. I’ll definitely miss the series. I can’t get enough of Mia Kirshner. Jennifer Beals is always hot.

Monday Morning Links

Let’s give you the Monday links today. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks about Speedo Guy from the North Carolina-Duke game and other things seen on TV over the weekend. This is great. Neil Best of Newsday is now big enough that there is now a parody website in his honor. Neil is a bit shocked. […]

The L Word – Season 5 Previews

I will give credit to the AfterEllen website for originally posting these videos. Here are a couple of previews for Season 5 which begins in January. I’m a fan of The L Word and have been watching the show since it first premiered. I admit I’m hooked on the show. From these previews, it looks […]