Our Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. One sad piece of news for me at least, is the departure of David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch. Lately, he’s been working on a book with Kentucky coach John Calipari so his blogging has been sparse in recent weeks, but when he was at […]

Tuesday's Linkage

Time for me to give you links. Got a late start so let’s get cracking on links. I do want to thank Peter Lukas of the Uni Watch blog for linking to my Peter Puck post yesterday. It brought me a lot of new traffic to Fang’s Bites and if you’re here due to Uni […]

Thursday's Links

Let’s get cracking on linkage. I’m a bit late on starting this morning. We start with Breaking News. Erin Andrews has won Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster for the second year in a row. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks about Fox Sports airing cartoons of Digger the Gopher before this Sunday’s Daytona 500. Bill Fleischman of the […]

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Linkage

Time for some linkage on this Tuesday. I did listen to the debut of Andy Gresh on Sirius XM Radio last night. It was good. Gresh knows how to generate calls and get people to talk. I listened from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and he had a good interview with former Oakland A’s pitcher […]

Thursday Stuff

I have some links for you today. The Boston Herald’s Inside Track Girls report that NESN’s Heidi Watney is dating a former Fenway Park groundskeeper. Thanks to Sox & Dawgs for that link. So much for the rumors Heidi dating Jason Veritek. The lovely Jessica Heslam of the Herald reports that the New England Patriots […]

Late Night Linkage

I’m still recovering from another mind-blowing episode of “Damages”. Tonight was the season premiere and just like the series premiere, the episode starts off with a scene from present day, then works backwards six months prior. Then the ending of tonight’s episode shocked me. If you haven’t seen it yet, I will not spoil it […]

Ranking the Sports Specialty Networks

Now that the MLB Network has debuted, I’ll rank the channels that are singularly devoted to their sports. I’ll rank MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL Network, Golf Channel and Tennis Channel. I include Golf and Tennis even though they are not owned by the PGA or ATP/WTA respectively, becuase they are devoted to […]

Time For Sunday Linkage

Yep, it’s Sunday. Time for your links. I think I’ve struck a chord with my “Bridget Regan is Hot” post from yesterday. That particular post has exploded with people from all over the world checking it out. In case you don’t know, Bridget stars in “Legend of the Seeker” which is syndicated all over the […]

Tuesday Links

Ok, no fooling around. I’ll be live blogging the ESPN/BCS conference call at noon ET so let me provide some linkage now. A couple of things from USA Today. Reid Cherner goes to NFL Films headquarters in New Jersey and talks with President Steve Sabol. And USA Today’s great Game On! blog is following the […]

Hey! You Get Sunday Linkage

After dropping off Dad at the airport at 5 a.m. today and doing some work at the office up until 11 a.m., I’m now home and I’m watching some NFL pregame action all as I get ready to bring you linkage on this Sunday. This is definitely an unexpected bonus. Newsday’s Neil Best talks with […]

Some Thursday Night Links, Not A Lot

I’m actually doing some work tonight, but in between tasks, I’ll give you some linkage. Tripp Mickle of the Sports Business Journal has five off-the-ice issues to watch for the NHL this season. Neil Best of Newsday, through the LA Times, has UFC President-for-Life Dana White blasting Elite XC and CBS. Pete Dougherty of the […]

Mid-Week Links or Gearing Up for the NFL

As we steamroll into September, we now just about into football mode. Last month, it was Olympics mode. This month, it’ll be football, then next month, baseball postseason mode. You can pretty much tell what mode I’m in by visiting here every day. Let’s do your links. Richard Sandomir of the New York Times reports […]

Some Labor Day Holiday Links

Before I have to head out to the office (again, my day has been planned for me), I’ll provide you with some linkage. Ken McMillan of the Hudson Valley Times Herald-Record liked the work of ESPN’s Eric Collins and Shaun King in Friday’s Army-Temple game. Joe Favorito looks at the athletic background of Republican Vice […]

Late Friday Night Links

I’ll give you a few late night links before heading to bed. I watched Manny Ramirez’s first at-bat on FSN Prime Ticket and listening to Vin Scully is like enjoying the best red wine out of your cellar. The man is 80 years old and about to turn 81 and he still has it. Let’s […]

Monday Night Update

Let’s give you some links this evening. First, from Neil Best of Newsday, he has transcribed what Chris Russo of WFAN said to open the Mike & the Mad Dog show today. Russo responds to Neil’s story that Mike & the Mad Dog could split up by Labor Day. A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin says Don […]