2009 Sports Media Predictions

I figure it’s time make some sports media predictions for 2009. The NHL Returns to ESPN – This has been speculated for so long that whenever a writer or blogger has discussed this topic, I have either turned the page or hit “back” on my browser. But I feel that NHL Czar Gary Bettman will […]

Tuesday Afternoon Stuff

Let’s give you a few more links before I head out. First, Darren Rovell of CNBC has a few things in one entry including a blurb on which is about to hire a new spokesperson who looks like this woman (Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard), not that I object. The Sports Media Watch blog says […]

Thursday Afternoon Update

Let’s give you a few things on this Thursday afternoon. First, Dan Patrick has launched a website that includes a couple of videos of him around the house and a blog. Dan says he will let his fans know when and where he will be (Content Factory sometime in September). I will blog Dan’s final […]

More Tuesday Linkage

Let’s give you some more links today. It’s just so hot in my office, I’ve got to finish this set and I’m getting out of there. I mentioned in the first set of links today that Bud Collins has been hired by ESPN. Here’s the statement from ESPN itself. And here’s the Press Release. In […]