The Super Bowl Weekend Megalinks

Let’s do some linkage on this Super Bowl Weekend. The Weekend Viewing Picks have my sports and entertainment suggestions. Time for your links. As you can imagine, many of the stories will deal with Sunday’s Super Bowl. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today talks with NBC’s Bob Costas about his past experiences in hosing a […]

The Mid-Week Linkage

I haven’t provided links on schedule so let me try to do it now. We begin with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who talks about NBCUniversal’s big plans to blanket Super Bowl XLVI next week. Wow. The secret organization Anonymous plans to attack over its support of SOPA and PIPA. In case anyone from […]

USA Today Media Group Purchases Big Lead Sports

Here’s a story to start our Tuesday. USA Today Media Group has purchased Big Lead Sports. If you’re a regular visitor to Fang’s Bites, you’ll know that this site is a member of Big Lead Sports, but is not owned by the blogging network and fantasy sports company. Now, USA Today has obtained the assets […]

Big Lead Sports To Premiere Fantasy Sports Shows on Sirius XM

Big news from Big Lead Sports, tonight is the night the independent blog network gains more exposure with shows on Sirius XM’s Fantasy Sports Radio. The usual disclaimer now, Fang’s Bites is an independently-owned blog and is part of The Big Lead network, but is not participating in these shows. Big Lead Sports personalities will […]

Time For The Monday Linkage

After being in the Massachusetts office this morning and needing to run a few errands for the main RI office, I’m now ready to provide links provided I don’t get interrupted at work. You never know. And with the decision to eventually close the MA office due to the slow economy, I may be looking […]

Big Lead Sports Names New Lead Exec

This coming from the corporate offices of Big Lead Sports. For disclosure purposes, Fang’s Bites is an independently-owned blog that is part of Big Lead Sports’ network. So we have this press release about a new CEO/CFO for the company. “BIG LEAD SPORTS” NAMES BRIAN LaROCK CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER/CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Veteran Financial Leader In The […]

Time For Some Tuesday Links

As the temps reach the high 70′s in Southern New England, it’s time to bring you the linkage on this Tuesday. In Sports Business Journal, John Ourand takes away ESPN’s arch-rivalry with NBC from the new book “Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside The World of ESPN.” USA Today’s Mike McCarthy notes a couple […]

Fantasy Sports Ventures To Rebrand As Big Lead Sports

Back in June, noted sports blog The Big Lead was purchased by Fantasy Sports Ventures for the now famously reported “low seven figures”. As mentioned back then, Fang’s Bites is available for purchase for $3 if the right buyer is around. Anyway, it was big news back then and it came shortly after Fang’s Bites […]

The Big Lead Purchased By Fantasy Sports Ventures

We learned about this last night in a story by Richard Sandomir of the New York Times. When a blog is bought out by a big company, it always has other bloggers seeing dollar signs. In this case of The Big Lead being purchased by Fantasy Sports Ventures (Fang’s Bites is a member of the […]