The Amazing Race 14 – Episode 4 Promo

We have our very first twist in the race. It’s the BLIND U-TURN. I have an idea what this means, but it’s only speculation at this point. Thanks to puddin at Reality Fan Forum for finding this promo. I like the twist. Looks like Mel & Mike were the ones who were U-Turned and were […]

The Amazing Race 14 – Episode 3 Extended Promo

Here’s an extended at next week’s episode. We have the teams doing a gymnastics task, Brad & Victoria missing a flight, Cara & Jaime with a taxi driver from hell, Amanda & Kris losing their passports (what???) and Tammy & Victor fighting. An action-packed episode for sure. The Amazing Race is on Sundays at 8 […]

The Amazing Race 14 – Your Target Is Your Partner's Face

We start in Stechelberg, Switzerland the pitstop for the first leg of in a race around the world. From the open, we learn of the massive respect the other teams have for Margie & Luke. Tammy calls her “the bionic woman” and says Luke, the race’s first deaf contestant “very observant”. All of teams say […]

The Amazing Race 14 – Phil's Video Diary #2

CBS has posted the second installment of Phil’s Video Diary and the production crew is in Germany (not Austria as the video and crew state), but Phil is a bit giddy after non-stop travel for four days so as you can see, he’s forgotten where he is. Understandable. This is for the second episode of […]

Another Amazing Race 14 Episode 1 Preview

CBS continues to post previews and again, I thank the lovely puddin at Reality Fan Forum for finding this. In this preview, we see the teams leave Southern California and head for Switzerland. While there, Preston & Jennifer fight, the teams bungee jump off a very high dam, they have to carry 200 pounds of […]

The Fang's Bites Mid-Season TV Preview

With this being January, we’re seeing the return of several shows plus the premiere of some new ones. I’m going to give you the shows I’m looking forward to seeing return, plus the new series I’m looking forward to. I’ll do the returning shows first, then the new shows last and I’ll do them in […]

Report from TARCon XIII

After a whirlwind weekend in New York, I’m now unwinding at home, re-watching The Amazing Race finale. I’ll give you some observations after meeting the Racers. First off, I have to thank Georgia Peach of Reality Fan Forum for allowing me to meet the teams at a lunch on Sunday. Only four RFF members were […]

Mark & Bill

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mark & Bill. I was with Mark at breakfast and I could not be with a funnier guy.


I’m at TARCon right now. Spent time with the racers earlier today. Ken, Nick, Starr, Andrew, Terrence, Sarah, Toni, Dallas, Tina, Aja, Ty, Anita, Arthur and Andrew could not have been nicer. I’ll provide details on Monday. Pictures coming later.

Fang's Bites in New York

NEW YORK — I always wanted to give myself a dispatch. In radio, you can only give your location in the tag or at the end of your report. I was always envious of newspaper reporters for the dateline. But I digress. Well, as you can tell, I’m in New York and sweating in the […]

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 10 Results

1. Nick/Starr – winners of a trip for 2 to Anguilla courtesy of Travelocity2. Dan/Andrew3. Ken/Tina4. Toni/Dallas – they lost their money and passports, Phil does the mercy elimination. So sad. Next week, the finale. I’ll be at TARCon XIII in NYC. I hope to post from there.

Tuesday Night Links

I’ll do some links as I watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Bruce Allen of the Boston Sports Media Watch conducts an interview with Albert Breer of the Sporting News, formerly a reporter in both Boston and Dallas and Bruce asks him about which team gets covered more, the Red Sox or the Cowboys. CNBC’s […]

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 9 Results

Here are the results of the latest episode of The Amazing Race 13. 1. Toni & Dallas2. Ken & Tina3. Nick & Starr4. Andrew & Dan – Still in the race due to a non-elimination leg. How these guys are still in this race is beyond me.

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 8 Results

Here are the results of tonight’s Amazing Race 13 Episode. 1. Nick & Starr – winners of the Fast Forward and winners of 180 hp Wave Runners2. Toni & Dallas3. Ken & Tina despite numerous missteps along the way.4. Andrew & Dan despite being extremely stupid in this leg.5. Terence & Sarah – last and […]

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 7 Results

Here are the results of this latest episode of the race. 1. Nick/Starr – winners of a trip.2. Toni/Dallas3. Terence/Sarah4. Ken/Tina5. Andrew/Dan6. Kelly/Christy – eliminated

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 6 Results

Here are the results of tonight’s episode that went to Dehli, India. 1. Nick/Starr – winners each of an electric car.2. Kelly/Chrissy3. Toni/Dallas4. Terence/Sarah5. Andrew/Dan6. Ken/Tina – Last, but this is a non-elimination leg and they’ll have a Speed Bump to do on the next leg.

For The Fans of The Amazing Race Episode Recaps

I know I have been lax on the Amazing Race and Amazing Race Asia episode recaps over the last three weeks. First, work has been a bear. Next, when the Red Sox are in the playoffs, all bets are off. It’s hard for me to blog and to pay attention to other things while my […]

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 2 Results

Here are the results from tonight’s episode. Expect a recap later in the week. 1. Ken & Tina – winners of off-road vehicles.2. Mark & Bill3. Terence & Sarah4. Aja & Ty5. Toni & Dallas6. Nick & Starr7. Kelly & Christy – they almost eliminated themselves tonight8. Andrew & Dan9. Marisa & Brooke10. Anthony & […]

The Amazing Race 13 – Bees Are Much Calmer Than This

My my. It’s been eight long months since we last saw a new episode of The Amazing Race. The season premiere of the Amazing Race 13 was another bang up episode. Lots of fun and there was quite a bit of drama. Let’s go over the very first episode of the new season. As we […]