The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Final Results

1. Adrian & Collin2. Pamela & Vanessa3. Mutt & Revolting Thank goodness for this result. I’ll have a recap of this final episode when I’m finally able to watch it.

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 8 Recap

Time for another recap. You remember that after the last episode, Terri & Henry were spared by a mugging at the mat, Non-Elimination Leg. So we still have six teams left. Who will be eliminated in this leg? The last leg took us to Seoul, South Korea, one of the economic capitals of Asia and […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 7 Recap

As we did with the Amazing Race 12 recap, we return with a new Amazing Race Asia recap, fresh off our full-fledged endorsement from Executive Producer Michael McKay. So without further delay, we go into the recap. We know from the previous episode that Daichi & Sawaka were eliminated after failing to catch up to […]

Fang's Bites is Officially Endorsed by The Amazing Race Asia!

I received this very nice comment today from Michael McKay, Executive Producer of The Amazing Race Asia: “You spend a lot of time on your recaps, top stuff. I found them highly amusing especially the number of different Team Names you were able to come up with for Marc and Rovilson – LOL Thank you […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2, Ep. 6 Recap

Last week’s recap certainly touched a chord with many of you. I was certainly being sarcastic with the Arrogant Assholes, but a lot of you decided to shoot back. “one piece of advice, don’t watch it anymore if you really feel bad seeing Filipinos winning the race.“ “if you find the race boring so… DONT […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 5 Recap

After last week’s boring episode and piss-poor behavior of Rovilson & Marc and Terri, I was thoroughly disgusted and decided not to do a recap. This week’s episode was much better, although the behavior from the aforementioned didn’t improve by much, there was more suspense. But looking back on Episode 4, it appeared to me […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 4 Recap

Rovilson & Marc won. Sophie & Aurelia got the Mercy Elimination. That’s all you need to know. Seriously, I’ll update this later on. I’ll have full details later. UPDATE – 12/16, 10:38 P.M. I was going to do a full update, but there’s something about this episode which really turned me off and that was […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Blog Stealing

The problem with the internet is that there is no real regulation to prevent someone from outright stealing your material. Apparently, Robin over at Friendster has basically stolen my Amazing Race Asia 2 episode recaps and posted them over on his blog. No credit is given. No link to this blog is provided. Now, I’m […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 5 Preview

This promo was actually shown last week on AXN by mistake, spoiling the fact that Sophie & Aurelia had been eliminated in Episode 4. Unlike like last week’s promo, this does not spoil who comes in first, but does tell us that this leg will likely be a “To Be Continued” episode. My recap for […]

The Amazing Asia 2 – Episode 3 Recap

Nine teams remain after Edwin & Monica were eliminated in Manila last week. We begin at Paco Park & Cemetery which was the pit stop for the last leg of the race. Rovilson & Marc who were first to arrive at 2:42 p.m. will be the first to depart at 2:42 a.m. Teams will receive […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 4 Preview

Look closely and I have a feeling AXN spoils the winner of the next leg, not that it’s too difficult to figure out from the last two episodes. I have seen Episode 3 and you can expect to see a recap in the next two days.

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 2 Recap

Last week’s episode was a non-elimination leg with Edwin & Monica finishing last, but Marked for Elimination with a 30 minute penalty staring them in the face if they didn’t finish in first. So they had their work cut out for them. Ten teams remain after everyone left Singapore and went to Manila. The first […]