Videos of the Week: The Amazing Race Asia 3 Racers on Video!

AXN-Asia has started to air promos of the teams in advance of September 4th’s “Racers Revealed” program. I’ll post the video and I hope Sony, the owner of AXN-Asia, does not force the person who posted them at YouTube to take them down. I had posted promos of last season’s epiesodes, but was forced to […]

Meet The Amazing Race Asia 3 Racers

Here is the cast for the Amazing Race Asia 3. Note the amount of mactor teams. I’m not too happy about this, but Executive Producer Michael McKay has told me in an e-mail (yes, he told me), “If you liked M&R (Marc & Rovilson) last year I think you’ll have a ball with this season […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 Promo

Thanks to puddin, my BFF at Reality Fan Forum. This is the new promo for the Amazing Race Asia 3. Alan Wu is showing off, but the man is in great shape, so he’s entitled.

The Amazing Race Asia 3 Website Unveiled

AXN-Asia has launched the website for the new season of Amazing Race Asia. Teams have already been announced and I’ll do a post on the 10 teams coming up soon. My first reaction is that there are too many mactors in this edition of the race. One of the things I liked about the first […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Final Results

1. Adrian & Collin2. Pamela & Vanessa3. Mutt & Revolting Thank goodness for this result. I’ll have a recap of this final episode when I’m finally able to watch it.

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 8 Recap

Time for another recap. You remember that after the last episode, Terri & Henry were spared by a mugging at the mat, Non-Elimination Leg. So we still have six teams left. Who will be eliminated in this leg? The last leg took us to Seoul, South Korea, one of the economic capitals of Asia and […]

The Amazing Race Asia 2 – Ep. 7 Recap

As we did with the Amazing Race 12 recap, we return with a new Amazing Race Asia recap, fresh off our full-fledged endorsement from Executive Producer Michael McKay. So without further delay, we go into the recap. We know from the previous episode that Daichi & Sawaka were eliminated after failing to catch up to […]

Fang's Bites is Officially Endorsed by The Amazing Race Asia!

I received this very nice comment today from Michael McKay, Executive Producer of The Amazing Race Asia: “You spend a lot of time on your recaps, top stuff. I found them highly amusing especially the number of different Team Names you were able to come up with for Marc and Rovilson – LOL Thank you […]