The Amazing Race Asia 4, Episode 1 Recap

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recap of any Amazing Race episode. I’ve been too ambitious with trying to recap everything so I’m going to do a reformat and not transcribe everything that went on in the episode. The new season of The Amazing Race Asia has already started on AXN-Asia and I’ve […]

Follow Friday V

This is another edition of Follow Friday, originally started on Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, you know how it works. If not, you can find out how it began at Mashable. Anyway, I don’t feel like explaining it right now so I’m just going to go into the feature. Here are several blogs and […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Finale Results

These are the results of the season finale of The Amazing Race Asia 3. Click “back” on your browser if you don’t want to read them. 1. Sam & Vince – winners!!!! Congrats to the team from Hong Kong2. Geoff & Tisha3. Ida & Tania I hope to do a recap on this episode this […]

The Amazing Race 13 – Ep. 10 Results

I guess I’m going to have to give up on trying to do recaps this season. I’m so far behind and I really don’t know what’s going on this season. Work has been crazy. Here are the results from the latest episode. 1. Ida & Tania2. Geoff & Tisha3. Sam & Vince – took a […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 8 Results

Here are the results of the latest episode: 1. Geoff & Tisha – winners of a trip to Hong Kong (perhaps this team is hitting its stride now)2. AD & Fuzzie3. Ida & Tania (despite a 30 minute penalty for not finishing first)4. Sam & Vince5. Henry & Bernie???? – sadly eliminated I loved Henry […]

For The Fans of The Amazing Race Episode Recaps

I know I have been lax on the Amazing Race and Amazing Race Asia episode recaps over the last three weeks. First, work has been a bear. Next, when the Red Sox are in the playoffs, all bets are off. It’s hard for me to blog and to pay attention to other things while my […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Ep. 6 Results

I’m so behind on recaps, I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up, but I hope to get back on track soon. Here are the results of today’s episode. 1. Sam/Vince – winners of a 3 day/2 night vacation2. Henry/Bernie3. Geoff/Tisha4. AD/Fuzzie5. Ida/Tania – last, but not eliminated, however, mugged at the mat

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Ep. 5 Results

I have to do a recap of the last episode tonight, but here’s the results of today’s episode. 1. Sam & Vince – winners of the Fast Forward and a golf resort vacation2. Henry & Bernie3. AD & Fuzzie4. Geoff & Tisha5. Ida & Tania6. Mai & Oliver – eliminated You know, we have three […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 4 Results

Here are the results of the latest episode of The Amazing Race Asia 3. 1. Ida & Tania – winners each of a Nokia phone.2. Vince & Sam3. Mai & Oliver4. Henry & Bernie5. AD & Fuzzie6. Geoff & Tisha7. Niroo & Kapil – had problems with their car and were eventually eliminated. I heard […]

The Amazing Race 3 – Ep. 3 Results

I have not seen the episode, but I do have the results. 1. Henry & Bernie – winners of a Sony HD Handicam each2. Vince & Sam3. Ida & Tania4. AD & Fuzzie5. Geoff & Tisha6. Mai & Oliver7. Niroo & Kapil8. Natalie & Pailin – quit the roadblock and thus, eliminated. Apparently Natalie miscalculated […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 2 Recap

We pick up this episode at Ratchaphruek Garden World in Chiang Mai, Thailand which, as host Allan Wu tells us, was the first pit stop in a race around the world. Nine teams remain after Neena & Amit were eliminated in the first episode. Each team will leave 12 hours after they arrived at the […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Ep. 2 Results

I have not seen the episode, but thanks to someone providing a live blog over at the Reality Fan Forum, I have the results of the 90 minute episode that has just aired on AXN. 1. Henry & Bernie – winners of a year’s supply of gas from Caltex2. AD & Fuzzie3. Vince & Sam4. […]

The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 1 Recap

It’s been almost 7 months since The Amazing Race 2 ended with Adrian & Collin winning. Now we have 10 new teams and a race that is much tougher than the previous two seasons. Just like last season, I will do episode recaps and I will do them as soon as I have the complete […]

The Amazing Race Asia, Ep. 1 Results

Until I can get my hands on the episode, I can only give you the results tonight’s premiere of The Amazing Race Asia 3. Hopefully, I can put up a recap over the weekend. 1. Mai & Oliver2. Geoff & Tisha3. Henry & Bernie4. Natalie & Pailin5. Ida & Tania6. William & Issac7. Sam & […]

Interview with the Amazing Race Asia Executive Producer Michael McKay

This weekend, I exchanged several e-mails with Michael McKay, the Executive Producer of the Amazing Race Asia in advance of the season premiere of the new season which takes place on AXN this Thursday. I became a big fan of the show during the very first season which brought us the very first all-female team, […]