Meet The Amazing Race 19 Teams

Getting ready for another season of the only reality TV show that I closely follow, The Amazing Race. I’m so sick that I’ve downloaded the entire inaugural season of The Amazing Race Australia that aired during the summer and ended last month. It was produced by Friend of Fang’s Bites, Michael McKay, and has some […]

Some Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do the Tuesday linkage. Had to finish some paperwork and I’ll do linkage now. From Sports Business Journal/Sports Business Daily, Olympics ratings are still up from 2006, but there’s another showdown with American Idol coming tonight. SBJ/SBD notes that NBC’s daytime ratings for the Olympics are decent as well. John Ourand from the Sports […]

The Amazing Race 16 – Elimination Station, Ep. 1

Tonight was the season premiere of The Amazing Race 16 and while it will take a few more episodes to wrap my head around the teams, we got to say goodbye to Dana & Adrian who were eliminated in Chile after he could not scale across the cable walk. They received the mercy elimination and […]

The Amazing Race 16 First Looks

I’ve been so busy that the upcoming premiere of The Amazing Race 16 has literally snuck up on me. It’s this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS, but the fact that I haven’t been pumped up for the season doesn’t mean that I won’t be all over the season, not by any means. I’ll be […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station, Ep. 10

With no eliminated racers this week, there’s no phone call so the teams get a Taekwondo lesson. And Lance decides to spar. Then the teams get to pack to leave for the End City. And next week, the teams are still in Prague. We’ll go to the final three from there. Back next week with […]

Doing the Sunday Links

While I’m working on an engineering specification from home, I’ll provide the links this Sunday morning. Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples says ESPN/ABC forced him to go to to watch last night’s Oregon-Arizona game. Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams who flipped the double bird during last week’s game against the Buffalo Bills, has taken out […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station, Ep. 9

Before the Jon Gruden post, I was going to put this up. This is the latest installment of Elimination Station. With no more teams going to Vietnam, the eliminated racers (in this case, Gary & Matt) call in while Marcy gets a swimming lesson from Garrett. While the teams try to predict who’s the next […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Episode 9 Promo

CBS has been lax about putting promos up on YouTube, but I will give them credit for putting this up today. Good on CBS. The racers head next to Estonia and get down and dirty, plus we see the teams get physical. The Amazing Race will air at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday on CBS.

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station, Ep. 8

In this latest episode, the eliminated racers play soccer against a Vietnamese team and it doesn’t quite go well. Without a team to call in this week, the eliminated racers see a shamen to tell their futures and Marcy & Ron aren’t too happy about their fortunes. And then Canaan breaks up with Mika? Hmm. […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station, Ep. 7

YouTube or actually, CBS, was late putting this up and instead of waiting all night for it, I just went to sleep. Here are the eliminated racers really treating Poker Princesses Tiffany & Michelle really horribly when they call in after their elimination in Holland. By the way, Tiffany Michelle explains their elimination and why […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Episode 7 Promo

Here’s the latest promo from CBS regarding this Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race. The racers leave Dubai and head to Europe, the Netherlands specifically. This looks like a very fun episode.

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station, Ep. 5

An action-packed Elimination Station. A continuation of last week’s episode of the boat race. Then Zev & Justin finally arrive after losing a passport. Then Mika & Canaan arrive. And here’s what happens next week as the teams leave the Middle East. Looking forward to next week.

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station, Ep. 4

Lance & Keri were eliminated tonight after circling Dubai for hours, being lost. There’s no illusion of a close finish in this leg. They were dead last by plenty. And for their troubles, they get to go back to Vietnam and stay at Elimination Station with previous last place finishers Garrett & Jessica and Marcy […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Episode 4 Promo

I swear CBS is trying to spoil this episode. Remember in my last Amazing Race post, we learn that another team loses its passports? Well, CBS lets us know which team that is in its latest promo and this comes directly from the CBS channel on YouTube. It makes you think Zev & Justin are […]

The Amazing Race 15 – Elimination Station

After a shocking elimination at the starting line, we got another elimination at the end of leg 2 in Vietnam tonight. Unfortunately, yoga instructors Eric & Lisa did not get to break in Elimination Station. They never got to leave the country. The first team christening Elimination Station after tonight’s episode are Garrett & Jessica. […]