CBS Starts NCAA Championship Game on The Reverse Angle

It was really strange watching the start of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game. CBS started off show UConn going from left to right and after the Huskies scored the first basket, it suddenly switched to its main camera showing Butler going from left to right. People were tweeting about it and were confused, however, […]

A Few Saturday Links

As Championship Weekend continues in college basketball, time to do some linkage while I can. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News says while the eyes of March will be focused on CBS and CBS College Sports for the NCAA Tournament, several networks are looking towards the summer when negotiations on a new TV contract could begin. […]

NESN is Having Technical Difficulties

During tonight’s Philadelphia Flyers-Boston Bruins game at TD Banknorth Garden, NESN started having audio difficulties. They began late in the second period when Andy Brickley’s microphone died in the middle of a replay. Jack Edwards had to go solo for a time, when NESN’s engineers gave both men regular stick microphones instead of their headset […]

Beginning of the Workweek Links

We have lots of material on this first real workday of 2009. We begin with David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch who jumped on NESN for botching the end of the Boston College-North Carolina game. The lovely Jessica Heslam of the Boston Herald has the tepid NESN explanation of what happened. Jessica reports that […]

The First Four Hours of The MLB Network Did Not Necessarily Go Smoothly

Thank goodness for preview DVD’s and DVR’s because I was getting ready to watch the launch of the MLB Network live when I got called away to do something. Let me review the first four hours of programming on the MLB Network, but before we get to that, I understand that subscribers to Time Warner […]

TBS' Statement on the ALCS Game 6 Technical Problems

I got to a sports bar in Seekonk, MA right before 8 p.m. and while I knew I was not going to get a seat to watch Game 6 of the ALCS between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay, I certainly was not expecting to see “Bloopers and Practical Jokes” with a pre-stroke Dick Clark. […]

A Wednesday Link Thing

Let’s do our links for today. Starting with a very strange story out of David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch breaks the news that the website somehow listed the late Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle in its transactions page and inexplicably left it there for two days. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has CBS’ spin […]

More Tuesday Stuff

It’s time to give you some more links today. John Ryan of the San Jose Mercury News says A’s fans who got up at 3 a.m. today were just as outraged as Red Sox fans with the DirecTV outage. Phil Swann of the TV Predictions says viewers who had DirecTV’s HD package did not experience […]

DirecTV Talks!

Finally, the Boston Globe has heard from DirecTV and its explanation is still not sufficient, but it’s something. Reid Laymance has a short statement from a spokesman. “We experienced some temporary technical difficulties early this morning that resulted in some channels not being available to customers. The majority of our channels were not affected and […]

DirecTV Is Still Silent

About four hours since I sent an e-mail to DirecTV asking what caused its outage, leaving millions of fans in the dark for this morning’s Red Sox-A’s game, still no word from its Public Relations Department. Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball is asking if anyone has heard from the satellite provider to contact […]

This DirecTV Outage is Irritating Not Just Me

Well, I sent an e-mail to DirecTV asking what happened with the system outage this morning that effected the two channels that carried the Red Sox-A’s this morning. So far, the DirecTV public relations people are hiding under their desks. Some channels were affected, others were not. I could receive ESPN, ESPNews and ESPN Classic, […]

Opening Day Links

It may be early for baseball to open the season, but there’s always something special about Opening Day. For Red Sox fans, it means hope springs eternal, but having won two Championships over the last four years, it’s a different feeling. I would have liked to have a quickie review of what ESPN2 and NESN […]

Some Technical Problems for NCAA March Madness on Demand

As I logged into March Madness on Demand at, there were a few technical problems. First, there was audio for the Georgia-Xavier game, but no announcers. A note did appear underneath the video player saying the techies were aware of the problem. Then when we finally heard Craig Bolerjack and Bob Wenzel, their voices […]

We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

Tonight, I’m tuning into the local news in Providence, RI when I see Channel 6, the ABC affiliate here, run a Frazier rerun. Did ABC6 all of a sudden cancel its 11 p.m. newscast? Did the channel decide to change its affiliation from ABC at the last minute? No! But the channel is saying, “We […]