TBS Hot Corner, Day 8 or Back in Black

I joined in the second inning of Game 2 of the Colorado-Arizona game during which Heather Catlin and tool Matt Dagostino were discussing the forced change in uniform of the Rockies as the Diamondbacks chose to wear their black unis. Colorado had worn their black unis for their entire hot streak and the only time […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 7 or Wrapping It Up for the Night

Colorado leads Arizona, 5-1 in the 8th inning and TBS Hot Corner has shifted to the studios in New York with Vinny Micucci, a blatant New York Yankee fan if there ever was one, and former Red Sox catcher John Marzano. I’m doing my best to ignore them now. Actually, John is good as […]

Some Late Thursday Links

Ok, we have enough links to warrant an update this evening. The Friday mega-update will take place late as I’ll be away from the computer tomorrow. Let’s give you a few links tonight. First, in his Medium Well blog in the Baltimore Sun, Ray Frager provides his choices of what to watch this weekend. Throughout […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 7 or Keeping It Real

I had to write something for the headline so “Keeping It Real” it is. No reason for it. Anyway, as we’re early in Game 1 of the NLCS, TBS has a good game going with the 1-1 in the bottom of the second. TBS Hot Corner has Heather, Tool and Kelly in the studio. I […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 7

Well, it’s been three days since we’ve had a Hot Corner post and that’s because TBS Hot Corner hasn’t been on. TBS Hot Corner returns Heather Catlin and Matt “The Tool” Dagostino are back and so is Kelly Cross looking very lovely tonight at the IM desk. Heather looks lovely as well and when does […]

Here Are Your Thursday Links

Let’s give you your links for this morning. We start off with Neil Best of Newsday who writes in his blog that Suzyn Waldman is angry at WFAN’s Craig Carton who apparently has been quite critical of her. To some weekly Thursday columns starting with the Worcester Telegram & Gazette’s Bill Doyle. He talks with […]

League Championship Series Schedules

As I did with the League Division Series, I’m going to give you the schedule for the American League and National League Championship Series by date and by series. Don’t forget TBS will carry the NLCS and Fox will have the ALCS this season. ESPN Radio will carry all of the games. TBS Hot Corner […]

Tuesday Morning Links

Here are your links for today. I’ll start by saying TBS Hot Corner hosts Heather Catlin, Kelly Cross and even the Tool, Matt Dagostino should be given a show of their own. When they were wrapping up their online coverage last night, all three were sitting on the couch on the set and just talking. […]

Your Monday Night Links

While I’ve been watching TBS Hot Corner during the Yankees-Indians game, I’ve also been monitoring the ‘net for stories and we have enough to warrant an update. The Sports Media Watch says TBS cannot be happy seeing the National League Championship Series involve neither the Cubs nor the Phillies. The overnight weekend numbers are in […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 6 or Alyssa Milano Calls In

I’m like Neil Best of Newsday tonight. And I probably will do a Monday Night Links update tonight as I check around the sports media world. Alyssa Milano called into the Atlanta studios to give her love to Heather and Kelly for modeling her clothes. And she even gave Matt some props for reading the […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 6 or the Fashion Show

Matt Dagostino is hosting and describing the Touch fashion line done by Alyssa Milano. Kelly Cross is modeling and so is Heather Catlin. Heather mentioned her sister was modeling the clothes as well. There’s a game going on, but at this point, who wants to watch the game when you have this fashion show? I […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 6

Can you believe this is Day 6 of TBS Hot Corner? It seems it’s been on for several weeks. With it being Monday and back to work week, the casual dress is gone and Heather Catlin looks stunning once again. Kelly Cross is back at the Instant Messenger desk. I do like Hot Corner recruiting […]

Monday Links

On this Columbus Day holiday, I do have some links. It’s nice to get up a little late and not have to worry about going to work on a Monday. Nice. But I’m actually home doing some work so where’s the justice? I also got an e-mail from Beau Estes from TBS Hot Corner. I […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 5

Now that the online portion of TBS’ coverage is in its 5th day, this show is coming along rather nicely. The lovely Heather Catlin has hit her stride in being the Traffic Cop in the studio. Co-host and tool Matt Dagostino is providing some good baseball knowledge and background (see Matt? I can be nice […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 4 or Ganging Up on Matt

On this Day 4, we’re finding that without a second guy in the studio at TBS Hot Corner, we find that Kelly Cross in the Instant Message corner wears some hot shoes. Co-host Heather Catlin walked over to her and asked Kelly to show them off. They were very nice shoes, by the way. All […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 4 or Who Are These Tools?

Checking out TBS Hot Corner today at, Saturday seems to be Casual Dress Day along with it being National League Division Series Day. The lovely Heather Catlin and Matt Dagostino are in jeans today as opposed the previous three days. Kelly Cross is back in the Instant Message corner and we’re all in favor […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 3, Late Night

Checking out TBS Hot Corner at 11:15 p.m., the guys at TBS are getting a bit punchy as they go into their third day and night of coverage of the League Division Series. Heather Catlin, Tool Matt Dagostino, Kelly Cross and a 4th partner whom seems to go unidentified every time I see him are […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 3

Checking out TBS Hot Corner once again. Tool Matt Dagostino is there once again talking way too much and Heather Catlin is looking rather stunning today. I’m sure Matt is a nice guy and is trying hard to make Hot Corner work. And for the first time, I get to see Kelly Cross in the […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 2

Here we are on Day 2 of the League Division Series and we have three games today. We’ll have Game 2 of the Phillies-Rockies, Game 1 of Yankees-Indians and Game 2 of the Cubs-D’Backs. The TBS Hot Corner is back at it today. Heather Catlin is back and looks lovely as usual. Her tool of […]

TBS Hot Corner, Day 1

Ok, having just checked out the TBS Hot Corner stream, you can see a mosaic view, Heather Catlin and her tool co-host in one corner, the centerfield shot of the pitcher and batter in another, the score in the top right corner and a dugout cam in another. During the game, Ernie Johnson, Jr., Frank […]