Hunting Down Some Tuesday Links

I don’t have anything cute to write as an introduction this morning. Let’s just get to the links. Matthew Futterman and Suzanne Vranica of the Wall Street Journal report that NBC plans to charge $3 million per 30 second spot for Super Bowl XLII. Neil Best of Newsday has a column today about the opening […]

The Friday Megalinks Are Here

Have had to deal with a few work-related issues today so the Friday megalinks are late, but I’ll give them to you in one fell swoop. Starting as usual with USA Today’s Michael Hiestand, he discusses Fox Sports’ coverage of the Daytona 500 this Sunday. Let’s do the links starting in the East, then to […]

Sunday Linkage

Good morning. Time to bring you some links from the Sunday papers. Starting with Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News, he wonders if the YES Network will continue to use loaded questions sent from the front office to ask the manager about strategy during post game press conferences. Phil Mushnick of the New […]

Here Are Your Thursday Links

Let’s give you your links for this morning. We start off with Neil Best of Newsday who writes in his blog that Suzyn Waldman is angry at WFAN’s Craig Carton who apparently has been quite critical of her. To some weekly Thursday columns starting with the Worcester Telegram & Gazette’s Bill Doyle. He talks with […]

Suzyn Says It's Alright to Cry

Well, this Suzyn Waldman story just keeps growing legs. Yes, she cried in the Yankees locker room after Game 4 of the American League Division Series. Yes, it was unprofessional. Yes, it was not the time to cry. Yes, it was not appropriate of a broadcaster to do so. Here’s the clip again if you […]

Wednesday Afternoon Update or the ESPN Ombudsman is in a Bad Mood

Let’s start this update with ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber’s latest piece which has come out today. Already the blogosphere is busy dissecting it. Schreiber goes after Page 2 columnist Gregg Easterbrook for what she feels is slanted reporting of rumor as fact in the Bill Belichick Cameragate scandal. In addition, she says viewers […]

It's the Wednesday Links

Let’s get to your Wednesday links this morning. The Sports Media Watch says Game 4 of the Indians-Yankees LDS on TBS was the highest rated MLB playoff game on cable, but still got beat by ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Michael Hiestand of USA Today talks about the pilot Fox’s Joe Buck shot for a potential […]

The Suzyn Waldman Clip

Here’s the clip of Suzyn Waldman crying on WCBS Monday night. It’s already a classic. Poor Suzyn’s been ripped on WEEI in Boston to no end.

Tuesday Update or "I Cry at Cinderella"

I’ll explain the title in a moment. Time to give you a few links this afternoon. Last night, WCBS Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman was doing the postgame show and what she did has become fodder on blogs and sports radio stations across the country. And it’s unbeknownst to me why WCBS put this on its […]

Sunday Stuff

A few things for you today. First, I went to my favorite bar in Seekonk, MA to find it had been sold and taken over by new management. Now, I had heard this was a possibility, but two weeks ago, the old owner had told me that the new liquor license for the potential buyer […]

How not to make a call….

Suzyn Waldman is in her third year as an announcer for the Yankees Radio Network. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s survived breast cancer. She was the first voice heard when WFAN in New York signed on in 1987. Suzyn is a survivor. But she was at the mike when […]