Picking Out Some Sunday Links For You

Let’s do some Sunday linkage on this first NFL regular season Sunday of 2012. We’ll begin with Pat Eaton-Robb of the Associated Press with an interesting story on how Connecticut is fast becoming home of major sports media companies. Candace Jackson of the Wall Street talks about her visit to Rich Eisen and his wife, […]

The Friday Linkage

Ok, lots of links to give you on this Friday. Let’s get to them. First, in Boston, David Scott from the excellent Boston Sports Media Watch site has his latest entry which includes the Line of the Week from Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, a recap of a busy week in the Beantown media and […]

"It's tough being married to such a handsome guy."

That’s the quote attributed to Suzy Shuster, wife of NFL Network host Rich Eisen. Suzy put out a statement in regards to the swimsuit controversy involving her husband and sexy Philadelphia news anchor Alycia Lane. Michael Klein of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes about how Suzy is pretty much unfazed about the whole incident. Klein cites […]