The Tuesday Evening Linkage

Because I was a jobsite for most of the morning and into the early afternoon, I wasn’t able to supply links today. I’ll get to them now. Austin Karp leads the Sports Business Daily team in looking at the overnight ratings for the Monday Night Football doubleheader on ESPN. Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal […]

Steve Phillips, No Longer Embattled, To Join Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio

I guess I don’t have to put “Embattled” before his name anymore as he now has a full-time gig. Former New York Mets General Manager and ESPN MLB analyst has come full circle, almost a year after being fired for his affair with former ESPN producer Brooke Hundley. He has now joined Sirius XM Satellite […]

Time For Saturday Linkage

After being at a jobsite early this morning, I can now give you some linkage. Trying to warm up after being cut in half by the winds off Narragansett Bay. Let’s do this. Starting with Eriq Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter, he mentions that ESPN is being sued over its GameCast online feature. According to […]

Sunday Linkage

We’re back after not being able to turn on the computer all day on Saturday. Right when I was about to blog yesterday, got a phone call from the parents asking me to accompany them to Massachusetts and it ended up being a total waste of time. Then it ended up that I was at […]

A Windy Friday Megalinks

Here in the Northeast, we’re expecting that huge storm that’s hovering off the North Carolina coast and dumping lots of rain on Virginia. I’m just waiting for it as I’ve cleaned out my yard, my gutters, and made sure my basement won’t get flooded. This is going to be a washout at least for Saturday. […]

It's Thursday Linkage

Let’s do linkage for today. I’m debating on whether to cover the UFL game between Florida and New York at Hartford, CT. I have a press credential, but I’m thinking I have so much to do right now. Not sure right now. I’ll know more later. In any event, let’s bring you some links. John […]

The Harmonic Convergence Sunday Links

On this rare day when all four major sports leagues are playing, we have our Sunday links. David Maril of the Brockton (MA) Enterprise says he’s like to see local announcers on the World Series TV broadcasts just like in the old days. Bob Raissman from the New York Daily News feels Joe Buck and […]

On A Friday Megalinks Roll

Time for the Friday Megalinks as usual. Let’s get to these while we can. You can always check out the Weekend Viewing Picks for the sports and primetime viewing for Saturday and Sunday. Let’s go to the links. National USA Today’ Michael Hiestand says we may have not have seen the last of Steve Phillips […]

The Mid-Week Linkage

Now that I’ve finished my paperwork, I’ll do some links for you. Beginning with the Nielsen Ratings Wire blog, it says this year’s World Series should give Fox some big market appeal and with that, ratings. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks with Fox Sports MLB director Bill Webb about his approach to this year’s World […]

The Calm Before the Storm Links

On this Monday which is extremely slim pickings for sports and primetime TV, we get ready for the World Series on Wednesday which will be big for this week. Also, I expect to do the 1st ever Fang’s Bites Baseball TV and Radio Awards sometime this week so expect to see that within the next […]

More on Steve Phillips

This next development comes in the first part of the Steve Phillips rehabilitation and apology tour. From

ESPN's Full Statement On Steve Phillips

It’s not much longer than what I originally posted a few minutes ago, but this is the full statement from ESPN regarding Steve Phillips’ termination tonight. Phillips Statement: Steve Phillips is no longer working for ESPN. His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, and it became evident […]