My Favorite Manny Ramirez Moment

During today’s New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game came the extremely surprising news that Tampa Bay Rays designated hitter Manny Ramirez was retiring. Then Joel Sherman of the New York Post broke the story that Manny had failed a drug test and would have to sit out a 100 game suspension. Rather than pay the […]

Video Previews of Tonight’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

Over the weekend, I gave you a press release previewing what you’ll see on tonight’s Real Sports. Now, I have some clips from the three new segments on the show. Last night, we received a partial transcript of Jon Frankel’s profile of a reflective Mike Tyson. Let’s take a look at a brief clip of […]

More Thursday Linkage

Ok, lets provide some more linkage. Crazy day today. Well, the long-awaited Brett Favre schlong pics are out including those voicemails to Jenn Sterger that may or may not have come from the quarterback. Deadspin has them all and you can decide whether they come from Favre or a very good impersonator. Just be careful […]

Back To Monday Linkage

Now that the wedding hangover is just about over, I’m back at work, also blogging and ready for another week in the dog days of August. Let’s go. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has CBS’ Phil Simms discussing the enigma that is Brett Favre.’s Dennis Dodd says eight Big 12 schools are in discussion to […]

Doing Our Thursday Linkage

Let’s do our links for today. I think this is the earliest I’m getting the links this week. About time as well. First, the Sports Business Daily has opened up its Morning Buzz section today and it includes news on the NFL rookie wage scale and a new advertiser in the Super Bowl. Bradford Wernle […]

Some Linkage for Your Wednesday

I had to leave the office today and head into Boston, but now that I’m back, I’ll do some links for you. CNBC’s Darren Rovell doesn’t think the American Needle v. NFL Supreme Court case is all that is cracked up to be. The Sports Business Journal’s Michael Smith writing in sister publication the Sporting […]

Our Tuesday Linkfest

Let’s do the links. Got a late start to the day and I’m still trying to catch up. We start with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch who gives us his Media Power Rankings for December. The Sports Business Daily has the media roundup and reaction to the Bob Costas interview of Mark McGwire on MLB Network […]

Quotes From The Mark McGwire Interview on MLB Network

You probably watched the Bob Costas interview of Mark McGwire on MLB Network or the subsequent replays. If you didn’t, ESPN2 is airing highlights on Baseball Tonight. But in case you avoided the interview, I do have some bits and pieces of it for you to read. QUOTES AVAILABLE FROM EXCLUSIVE MARK McGWIRE INTERVIEW WITH […]

I'm Shocked! Shocked About Mark McGwire

I have to post this from my iPhone as I’m waiting for my mother at a doctor’s office. When I get home, I’ll post the press release here. Earlier today, former Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire admitted he took steroids during his MLB career. Well, his first interview will be tonight […]

Bringing You Tuesday Links

Here are some links for you today. Time to give you linkage. I was busy earlier compiling the list of NFL flagship TV stations for exhibition season. I’ll do a list of NFL radio networks as we get closer to the regular season. Right now, it’s the links so let’s get to them. Bob Kimball […]

Time for the Monday Linkage

Let’s do linkage for today. Lots of stuff to get to. My back is killing me today. I slept on my side the other night and now, my upper back is hurting like an MF’er. I couldn’t sleep last night and I just got up at 5 a.m. No choice. Doing your links now. Reid […]

A Back To Work/Still Holiday Weekend Links

Some of you may have gone back to work today. Some of you might have extended your holiday weekend today. Whatever situation you’re in, linkage doesn’t stop so we get some today. I’m in a bit of withdrawal from having morning tennis over the last two weeks and with Howard Stern still on vacation at […]

The What Am I Doing Friday … Errrrrr… Saturday Megalinks

Ok, time for the megalinks. I’ve been procrastinating so these are very late, but better late than never. As usual, we go over the Weekend Viewing Picks. The 4th of July weekend is perfect for Breakfast at Wimbledon and we know that an American will will win the Ladies Final on Saturday, either Venus or […]

Three MLB-Centric Press Releases

I did not mean to make this a total press release day, but I’ve been busy with stuff at work. I’ll do links tonight and get you ready for your holiday weekend. First, let’s remind you that voting for the All-Star Game is open until 11:59 tonight. ONLY HOURS LEFT IN 2009 ALL-STAR GAME SPRINT […]

Baseball for Your Holiday Weekend

Catching up on the final releases from Wednesday. The releases about MLB on Fox and ESPN have come in and I can post them for you now. When TBS releases its plans for Sunday, I’ll add it here as well. First, Fox Sports talks about its plans for Saturday. FOX SPORTS NOTES, QUOTES & ANECDOTES […]