Some Linkage for Your Wednesday

I had to leave the office today and head into Boston, but now that I’m back, I’ll do some links for you. CNBC’s Darren Rovell doesn’t think the American Needle v. NFL Supreme Court case is all that is cracked up to be. The Sports Business Journal’s Michael Smith writing in sister publication the Sporting […]

Our Tuesday Linkfest

Let’s do the links. Got a late start to the day and I’m still trying to catch up. We start with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch who gives us his Media Power Rankings for December. The Sports Business Daily has the media roundup and reaction to the Bob Costas interview of Mark McGwire on MLB Network […]

Quotes From The Mark McGwire Interview on MLB Network

You probably watched the Bob Costas interview of Mark McGwire on MLB Network or the subsequent replays. If you didn’t, ESPN2 is airing highlights on Baseball Tonight. But in case you avoided the interview, I do have some bits and pieces of it for you to read. QUOTES AVAILABLE FROM EXCLUSIVE MARK McGWIRE INTERVIEW WITH […]

I'm Shocked! Shocked About Mark McGwire

I have to post this from my iPhone as I’m waiting for my mother at a doctor’s office. When I get home, I’ll post the press release here. Earlier today, former Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire admitted he took steroids during his MLB career. Well, his first interview will be tonight […]

Bringing You Tuesday Links

Here are some links for you today. Time to give you linkage. I was busy earlier compiling the list of NFL flagship TV stations for exhibition season. I’ll do a list of NFL radio networks as we get closer to the regular season. Right now, it’s the links so let’s get to them. Bob Kimball […]

Time for the Monday Linkage

Let’s do linkage for today. Lots of stuff to get to. My back is killing me today. I slept on my side the other night and now, my upper back is hurting like an MF’er. I couldn’t sleep last night and I just got up at 5 a.m. No choice. Doing your links now. Reid […]

A Back To Work/Still Holiday Weekend Links

Some of you may have gone back to work today. Some of you might have extended your holiday weekend today. Whatever situation you’re in, linkage doesn’t stop so we get some today. I’m in a bit of withdrawal from having morning tennis over the last two weeks and with Howard Stern still on vacation at […]

The What Am I Doing Friday … Errrrrr… Saturday Megalinks

Ok, time for the megalinks. I’ve been procrastinating so these are very late, but better late than never. As usual, we go over the Weekend Viewing Picks. The 4th of July weekend is perfect for Breakfast at Wimbledon and we know that an American will will win the Ladies Final on Saturday, either Venus or […]

Three MLB-Centric Press Releases

I did not mean to make this a total press release day, but I’ve been busy with stuff at work. I’ll do links tonight and get you ready for your holiday weekend. First, let’s remind you that voting for the All-Star Game is open until 11:59 tonight. ONLY HOURS LEFT IN 2009 ALL-STAR GAME SPRINT […]

Baseball for Your Holiday Weekend

Catching up on the final releases from Wednesday. The releases about MLB on Fox and ESPN have come in and I can post them for you now. When TBS releases its plans for Sunday, I’ll add it here as well. First, Fox Sports talks about its plans for Saturday. FOX SPORTS NOTES, QUOTES & ANECDOTES […]

Thursday's Quickie Links

Maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s was going to the dentist, maybe it’s male menopause, whatever it is, I just don’t feel like doing the links today. But I’ll do as many as I can. Starting with Newsday’s Neil Best who talks with NBC’s Johnny Miller about his candor during golf telecasts. Neil has more […]

Friday's Press Release Action

Some press releases to give you tonight. I’ll have to finish the megalinks later, but at least I started them! Ok, starting with MLB Network, Bob Costas sits down with Selena Roberts on Sunday to talk about her new book about admitted steroids user Alex Rodriguez. BOB COSTAS TO INTERVIEW SELENA ROBERTS LIVE IN-STUDIO ON […]

A Megalink Friday

Time to give you your Friday megalinks. Again, we begin with the Weekend Viewing Picks. The Kentucky Derby is the prime event with tomorrow being the first Saturday in May. NBC has the actual race at 6:20 p.m. with coverage beginning at 4. ESPN has several races from the undercard starting at noon. If you […]

Late Thursday Night Links

I have no idea where to begin. It’s another one of those crazy nights where I can really start anywhere and it would be the right lead. I’m staring at my Firefox web browser and I have 10 tabs open. That’s TEN tabs with three potential lead stories. I guess I’ll go with what has […]

What Fang's Bites is Following

Stories I’m following tonight … The Baltimore Sun’s bloodbath of 61 staffers including reporters, editors, graphic artists and other staffers. This includes assistant Sports Editor Ray Frager who wrote the media column and maintained a blog at the paper. Comcast and NFL Network came to an agreement to keep the channel on the provider’s systems […]

It's A Saturday Link Thing

Let’s give you some links on this Saturday. I have some work to do, but I’ll get the linkage out of the way first. Rarely do I start the links with Barry Horn, but I’m going to today. He writes in his weekly column that the NFL is back with the Scouting Combine, all of […]

David Ortiz Addresses Relationship with Banned Trainer

On Comcast SportsNet New England’s Sports Tonight program from Fort Myers, FL, Red Sox Designated Hitter David Ortiz talked with hosts Gary Tanguay and Michael “Tootsie” Felger. He addressed a New York Daily News report that he was linked to Alex Rodriguez trainer Angel Presinal who has been banned from all MLB clubhouses. As you […]

Thursday's Links

Let’s get cracking on linkage. I’m a bit late on starting this morning. We start with Breaking News. Erin Andrews has won Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster for the second year in a row. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks about Fox Sports airing cartoons of Digger the Gopher before this Sunday’s Daytona 500. Bill Fleischman of the […]

Black Friday Megalinks, Part II

Ok, time for part two of the Friday Megalinks. We’ll pick up where we left off. South Jack Bogaczyk of the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail writes that West Virginia fans will see plenty of basketball games on TV this season. Doug Nye of The State has some news and notes today. Barry Jackson of the […]

Friday Megalinks – Part II

Ok, I didn’t expect to get to the second part of the megalinks so late. I had a lot of work to do plus I got sidetracked. Anyway, let’s finish up the megalinks and get them up. We left off at the East and Mid-Atlantic region. Let’s head to the Midwest, move South, head West, […]