A Quick Monday Sports Media Notebook

Here are a couple of notes that you may have missed from the last couple of weeks: Right at the start of the new year, the Philadelphia Phillies and Comcast SportsNet announced a new 25-year agreement that keeps the team on the RSN well past the current agreement that expires in 2015. Sports Business Daily […]

REPORT: Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia to Keep the Phillies

One of the local media rights stories that looked to be interesting has been resolved. Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia has finalized a long-term contract that will keep the Phillies with the regional sports network past 2015 when its current deal expires. David Murphy at the Philadelphia Daily News reports that the two sides had been close […]

Some Thursday Sports Media Thoughts

Whomever thought July and August 2013 would be boring for sports media news certainly underestimated what the Big Three in Sports Television would do. We’ve seen the return of Keith Olbermann to ESPN, NASCAR ousting ESPN and Turner in favor of NBC, and Fox increasing its commitment to the sport, Fox Sports 1 making a […]

Some Monday Linkage

Trying to get back into the swing of things after a bad couple of weeks for this site. Been quite busy on the personal front. I hope to provide more original content for you from this point on. Some links for you as a token of appreciation for your patience. Let’s begin with John Ourand […]

A Quick Early Wednesday Sports Media Notebook

Time to open up the Fang’s Bites Sports Media notebook as we hit midweek. Lets go over some of the stories that are circulating about the sports media. They’re in bullet form. How much is too much? The sports rights fee ceiling keeps going higher and higher. As fees for sports programming go up, so […]

A Fast Wednesday Sports Media Notebook

In lieu of linkage which has been sorely lacking, my sincere apologies, I give a sports media notebook which includes some links for you. Life has gotten in the way and you’ve responded by not visiting the site. It tells me you want fresh content so I’ll do my best to provide that to you […]

The Post Super Bowl XLVII Linkage

We have a lot of reviews, recaps and critiques of CBS’ production of Super Bowl XLVII. Phil Simms is a common theme here. Keep that in mind as you read the stories from across the country. If there’s one thing that unites sports media observers, it’s bad announcing. Here’s my review that was written very […]

Time Warner Cable and Los Angeles Dodgers Announce New Regional Sports Network

It will launch sometime after the 2013 season, most likely in 2014 in advance of that year’s MLB regular season. Time Warner Cable will distribute it. The Los Angeles Dodgers will own and program it. The Dodgers will receive $7-8 billion annually over a 25 year period. And with the new channel, it means the […]

Some Various Monday Sports Media Thoughts

I haven’t done a thoughts post in ages. It’s fine time you’ve been provided one. Lets do this. As usual, they come in bullet form. How much is too much? When will the sports rights fee bubble burst? When will there be major blowback from a major cable or satellite provider against one of the […]

Report: Dodgers To Go With Time Warner For Media Rights

Last November, it appeared that Fox Sports was the clear favorite to retain the media rights for the Los Angeles Dodgers. When the story surfaced, it seemed it was just a mere formality for Fox and its owner, News Corp. to sign the papers and make an announcement. That deal was for a reported $6-7 […]

Oh My! It’s The Return of The Linkage!

It’s been way too long since you’ve seen linkage on this site. This has been the main mission of Fang’s Bites since the beginning, but too often, I get roped into doing family stuff and it prevents me from getting on here until late. I hope to rectify that. So without further delay, here’s the […]

Various Wednesday Links

I’ll do a few links for you this evening. I’ll start with a strange story that surfaced today from a University of Maryland journalism class during which ESPN Vice President and Executive Editor John Walsh made some rather strange statements about Deadspin’s John Koblin over the Lynn Hoppes plagiarism situation. Deadspin has raised issues of […]

Time For Some Tuesday Links

Let’s do some Tuesday links. Lots of stuff to get to. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that Bob Costas is receiving his share of criticism for his anti-gun commentary during halftime of Sunday Night Football. Busted Coverage has video of Bob Costas telling Dan Patrick that he’s not backing off on his anti-gun comments. […]

Some Really Quick Monday Links

As I’m helping to watch my nephew today, I have a very short window to get links in before he wakes up so let’s get this done before I get delayed. The big story is the Jevon Belcher-Kasandra Perkins tragedy over the weekend. Many of the links deal with how CBS’ The NFL Today dealt […]

Cranking Out The Friday Megalinks

Wasn’t able to do any posts yesterday as I was away for most of the day. Tough to get anything done when you’re out of range for any internet or even 3G. First World Problems. Anyway, time for some Friday megalinks. Been doing well with the links, except for Thursday, but let’s continue doing them […]