The Pre-Olympic Linkage

The Olympics get started tomorrow with women’s soccer action and while the Games don’t officially begin until Friday with the Opening Ceremony (live in most countries except the United States), today is really the calm before the Olympic storm. Starting tomorrow and going through August 12, this site will be awash in Olympics sports media […]

Promo For Sports Illustrated on NBC Sports Network

Happened to see this on YouTube. This is the promo for the premiere episode of Sports Illustrated on NBC Sports Network. I already provided you the stories that will be covered when the show launches on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. Here’s the visual promo. I’ll be watching to see how this compares to the […]

Your First Look at Sports Illustrated's Cover on Penn State

This week’s Sports Illustrated issue will look at the Penn State sanctions at the hand of the National Collegiate Athletic Association better known as the NCAA. We have your first look at the SI cover. We’ll have details of this week’s of the magazine later this week.

Sports Illustrated on NBC Sports Network Premieres Tuesday, July 24

Add another sports newsmagazine to the mix and it involves the partnership between Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports Network. This new sports newsmagazine, aptly titled, “Sports Illustrated”, will make its debut on Tuesday, July 24 at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, some familiar names from SI will be involved in fronting the stories including writers […]

It's A Thursday Link Thing

Let’s do some linkage now. Fifth straight day! This is a record! Michael Florek at USA Today’s Game On blog notes that Time Magazine will have six separate covers in four regions for its Olympic preview issue. For the U.S., guys will have Lolo Jones to gawk at, women get Ryan Lochte. Gymnast Gabby Douglas […]

Sports Illustrated's Olympic Preview On Stands Today

If you still buy magazines on the newsstand or convenience store or any other place where they’re available, Sports Illustrated’s 66 page Olympic preview issue is out this week. On the cover is the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team, although the “women” are all in their teens. SI points out the last time women’s gymnastics graced […]

Let's Do Some Wednesday Linkage

Time for the links on this Wednesday. Let’s check out what we have. Marisa Guthrie of the Hollywood Reporter talks with NBC’s Bob Costas about the Olympics, Jerry Sandusky and being short. That’s right. Daniel Kaplan from the Sports Business Journal writes that the NFL will not sign a telecommunications partner this season and will […]

Doing Some Tuesday Linkage

I was expecting to be out of the office today, but with the temperatures over 90 in Southern New England, being inside with air conditioning is probably the way to go today. I hope wherever you are, you’re staying cool and away from the sun. I have some links. Georg Szalai of the Hollywood Reporter […]

Sports Illustrated Lists "The Fortunate 50"

So what is the “Fortunate 50”? If you’re aware of the “Fortune 500”, Fortune Magazine’s annual listing of the top 500 companies in the US, this is Sports Illustrated’s play on that feature. SI lists its 9th annual list of the 50 highest-earning American athletes. And since the began, it was always Tiger Woods on […]

Let's Do The Friday Megalinks

Time for Friday linkage. The Weekend Viewing Picks have your sports and entertainment suggestions. Let’s get cracking. National Michael Hiestand from USA Today looks at TNT’s plans to go mostly split-screen during breaks for Saturday’s NASCAR race. Tom Perrotta of the Wall Street Journal reports that the one Wimbledon souvenir the players want is the […]

The Thursday Linkage

So weird to have the 4th of July in the middle of the week. You get the holiday after two work days and then have two work days afterwards. Some of you have the entire week off which is good, but for me, there’s no such thing as a vacation. In fact, I haven’t had […]

Jonesing For Tuesday Linkage

Ok, maybe you’re not jonesing for the linkage, but at least you can read them at your leisure. Sometimes I think way too long about the title of the post and this is the case today. Anyway, let’s get to the links. Joel Schectman of the Wall Street Journal reports that NBC and Google are […]

"Sports Illustrated" Monthy Newsmagazine To Air on NBC Sports Group

Continuing to sign programming for inventory on both NBC and NBC Sports Network, we find this announcement from the NBC Sports Group that Sports Illustrated magazine will partner to create a new TV newsmagazine. This will air monthly on either NBC Sports Network or NBC. The first edition will premiere on July 24, just three […]

Some Thursday Links

After an outage that ruined things from Sunday through Tuesday and being busy yesterday, my goal to have links every day this week has gone out the window. However, I can get a few links out to you today. Let’s get to them. Starting with Ed Sherman from the Sherman Report who talks with ESPN […]

Cranking Out Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, linkage has been really scarce over the last month and a half and I apologize for that. My schedules have been quite busy and it’s been tough to sit down for the time it takes to gather the links. I hope that changes over the next month or so. I have some National links […]

Sports Illustrated Focuses On The Death of Junior Seau

This week, Sports Illustrated looks into the death of former San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau. His shocking suicide is still reverberating around the NFL and the sports world. SI’s Jim Trotter who covered the Chargers talks with those who knew Seau and what could have led to his death. SI […]

Grinding Out Some Monday Links

Let’s do some links on this Monday. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game has become a showcase for upcoming NBA talent. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News writes that NBC Sports Network will get a lion’s share of coverage for the London Summer Olympics. Brian Stelter of the New York […]

Attempting A Friday Megalink Post

This week has been hellish for me and I apologize for not being able to post as much as I would like. I’ve been away from my computer for most of the day and by the time I get home, I’m tired and don’t want to update the blog. Well, with me already done my […]

This Week's Sports Illustrated Focuses on Bounty in the NFL

With bounties in the NFL making big news and crossing over into news programs in the last seven days, it’s only fitting that Sports Illustrated makes the story its focus and cover this week. Writers Peter King, Tim Leyden and Jim Trotter provide SI’s team coverage on the story. In addition, the magazine looks at […]

Your Monday Linkage

Back to work for many of you. Let’s get some Monday links in. Mike McCarthy at USA Today says the networks have missed a competitive Tiger Woods. Tom Weir of USA Today adds that Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has pulled his Quicken Loans ads from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show over a budding controversy. The […]