It’s Time For Mid-Week Linkage

It’s Wednesday. It’s mid-week and it’s time for some sports media links. Let’s get to them without further delay. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks with NBC’s Bob Costas about the “get” of accused child molester Jerry Sandusky for “Rock Center with Brian Williams”. While NBC and Bob Costas are being praised for the Sandusky interview, […]

The Friday Night Megalinks

I’ve been to Newton, MA and back, South Kingstown, RI and back and all over my hometown of North Kingstown, RI and all of this today. It’s time to do the megalinks and get them all done in one sitting. There’s the Weekend Viewing Picks for your sports and entertainment programming. National Sports Business Daily […]

Providing Your Tuesday Linkage

Let’s go for your links today. Starting with Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, he explores whether the Women’s World Cup can find an audience and he also scolds Pierre McGuire. Steve Weiberg of USA Today says a group of former college athletes is suing ESPN and CBS plus other networks for using their likenesses on […]

The Friday Megalink Thing

Ok, it’s time for the Friday megalinks. Wasn’t able to do them last week and now it’s time to bring them to you while I can. There’s a new look here and I’m experimenting with the template and colors. Let me know what you think either via a comment here or through a quick e-mail. […]

Some Mid-Week Links

Doing some linkage and my computer has been acting up on me. This is all connected with me falling asleep with the lights and my glasses on. I have a feeling I dropped my computer while asleep so I have to deal with it shutting off about seven times today. So while I deal with […]

A Windy Friday Megalinks

Here in the Northeast, we’re expecting that huge storm that’s hovering off the North Carolina coast and dumping lots of rain on Virginia. I’m just waiting for it as I’ve cleaned out my yard, my gutters, and made sure my basement won’t get flooded. This is going to be a washout at least for Saturday. […]

Our Never-Ending Friday Megalinks

Ok, as I was out for most of the day in Connecticut, I’ll do the megalinks while I can as I have to head back into the office again tomorrow. The Weekend Viewing Picks have plenty to choose from as the NFL season kicks off in earnest on Sunday. College football has some early intriguing […]

Friday Megalinks

I’m trying something new to get the Friday megalinks in during the day. I hope it works. As always, we highlight the Weekend Viewing Picks and there are quite a few this weekend. The PGA Championship, golf’s last major of the year is taking place at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota. CBS is hoping […]

Some Thursday Night Links

I have a lot of work to do on the blog tonight and was delayed thanks to mom insisting I take her to the mall so she could find something for a memorial the entire family is attending on Friday. Suffice to say the plans I had for this evening have been pushed back to […]

A Back To Work/Still Holiday Weekend Links

Some of you may have gone back to work today. Some of you might have extended your holiday weekend today. Whatever situation you’re in, linkage doesn’t stop so we get some today. I’m in a bit of withdrawal from having morning tennis over the last two weeks and with Howard Stern still on vacation at […]

A Head Exploding Tuesday Links

Head exploding describes me right now. I’m not in the greatest of moods right now. All of it is work-related so I’ve decided to blog to calm down. I have BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon on in the background so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to work after this without blowing up. Ok, you […]

Late Night Sunday Links

Let’s give you a few more links before shutting things down for the night. USA Today’s Michael McCarthy says the BCS’ transition to cable is complete with the Rose Bowl going to ESPN in 2011. My new best friend, Neil Best of Newsday writes that Brett Favre will be one of the first guests on […]

Monday Afternoon Links

I wasn’t expecting to do afternoon linkage, but there are enough to do them for you. Plus, I need to pay full attention to the season finale of 24 tonight. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann shares a story on his MLB blog that Vin Scully almost became the Voice of the Yankees in the mid-1960′s. Amazing. John […]

Late Night Friday Megalinks Now Saturday Megalinks

Let’s give you the Friday megalinks. Find the Weekend Viewing Picks here. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand writes about former Yankees pitcher David Wells moving to the TBS announcing booth. John Paul Newport of the Wall Street Journal writes that former ABC Sports golf analyst Bob Rosburg died Thursday. Matt Foran of the Nielsen ratings […]

Thursday Evening Links

Time for some more links. As we get closer to baseball’s postseason, we’re getting closer to TBS’ extensive coverage of the playoffs. For the second straight year, TBS has tapped Bon Jovi to promote the League Division Series. I hope to have some more information about TBS’ coverage sometime tomorrow and when I do, I’ll […]