ESPN Airs National Spelling Bee

In another case of ESPN taking another event from ABC, the Alleged Worldwide Leader will air the semifinals and finals of the National Spelling Bee. will have coverage of the preliminary rounds including a channel without graphics so viewers can test their knowledge and spell along with the fourth graders. The finals were on […]

Your Thursday Linkage

As I hunt down a decent computer to work on, I give you your links today. Newsday’s Neil Best notes that SNY’s Keith Hernandez sat behind home plate for Tuesday’s game adding another wrinkle for the network. And Neil breaks news about one of the corporate sponsors for the new Jets/Giants stadium in New Jersey. […]

The Return of Your Humble Blogger and Some Links Too

My apologies for not updating the blog on Tuesday. This computer thing is getting out of hand. Yes, I’ll be getting a new computer. Yes, it will be soon. Yes, once I have the computer, the blogging schedule will be back to normal. Just bear with me. I should be back and blogging regularly next […]

Memorial Day Monday Links

I’m at the office right now so I’ll do some linkage for you. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday and you remember those who served for our country to keep us safe for democracy. Whether you agree or disagree about the cause for this current war, remember those who are serving us while we’re at […]

The National Spelling Bee

I wasn’t going to write anything tonight. I was just going to let the 100 posts this month lie and start the new month on Friday fresh, but I had to add one more after watching the Spelling Bee tonight on ABC. First, I wish someone would take the TV rights away from ESPN which […]