We'll Miss You, Ernie

Even though we knew that Ernie Harwell’s passing was coming, it doesn’t make the sadness go away any quicker. For a man to be so beloved not only in his adopted hometown of Detroit, but around the country shows how well he was liked. Ernie told MLB Network’s Bob Costas in his last interview that […]

Some Sunday Links

I’ll give you some Sunday links now that I’ve finished my work for the day. Tom Perrotta of the Wall Street Journal live blogged the French Open men’s final and also had some comments on NBC’s broadcast. Newsday’s Neil Best celebrates his 5,000th blog post. Neil has a bit more on yesterday’s big story that […]

The Tuesday Linkage

Well, I’m still recovering from staying up late watching the Olympics coverage. With women’s gymnastics on tonight, expect another late night. Let’s start with Newsday’s Neil Best who has a couple of stories in today’s edition of the newspaper. The first story has reaction from NBC’s Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines who called the thrilling […]

Saturday Hello's

I’ll give you some links, but before I get into the linkage, I wanted give you my thoughts on the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and First, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know I make references to China as Communist China. Being of Taiwanese descent, I’m not a supporter of the Communist […]

Late Thursday Night Linkage

Let’s do a linkage for you. Again, I have to be at a jobsite early in the morning so the Friday megalinks will be up sometime in the afternoon. I don’t know when. Plus being at the jobsite throws a monkey wrench into my plans to find the Olympics Opening Ceremonies online. Oh well. I […]

Mid-Week Linkage

Well, the sports week is ramping up as some Olympic action has already taken place with the US Women’s Soccer team already losing to Norway this morning. And swimmer Amanda Beard has made waves with her new PETA anti-fur ad which was unveiled outside the Olympics athletes village today. It’s going to be an interesting […]

Tuesday Night Linkage

Now that I’ve had some sashimi for dinner and totally satisfied, it’s time for me to give you some linkage this Tuesday night. Be prepared for an NSFW link, but that comes at the end of the post. Let’s do some regular sports media linkage now. The Sports Media Watch has the final weekend ratings. […]

Tuesday Links

I’m dragging a bit today. I’m actually blogging from home today as I had to go to the doctor’s office to check on my ankle which I sprained about 12 days ago. I’ve chucked the crutches, but still need some physical therapy. Anyway, you don’t hear about me. You want links so let’s get to […]

The Monday Linkage

Good Monday to you. If you’re back at work, I certainly hope your weekend went well. Let’s get to some links. Continuing with one of the biggest non-stories since Katie Couric went to CBS, the Erin Andrews “controversy” that began with Mike Nadel’s column on Thursday is addressed again in Michael Hiestand’s column in USA […]

Skip Caray, 1939-2008

In a story that the USA Today Game On blog has just put online, it’s so sad to report that long-time Atlanta Braves announcer Skip Caray has died. Skip got a national following for doing Braves games on TBS and was well-liked by baseball fans all over. His son, Chip who does games for TBS […]