Our Return to Work Links

Back to work for most of us today. Let me provide links for you. Starting with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who breaks news in his Monday column. He says Joe Theismann who refused to work college football games for ESPN when he was removed from Monday Night Football now willing to work Notre Dame […]

Friday/Saturday Megalinks

Mostly due to laziness, I’m doing the Friday megalinks late at night. I was at work today and that took precedence, but I did do some blog posts during the day, but any links. So I’ll take care of that now and combine Friday’s and Saturday’s links together. Of course, we have the Weekend Viewing […]

Your Friday Megalinks, Part Deux

Ok, time to provide you with the Part 2 of the Friday megalinks after Part I was done this afternoon. Not only that, I can also provide you with updates from the links that I had provided earlier. But let’s pick up where we left off. Midwest Marc Katz of the Dayton Daily News talks […]

A Monday Night Update

Time to give you some links this evening. We start out with some sad news. This link comes courtesy of the Boston Sports Media Watch, Bill Burt of the Lawrence (MA) Eagle-Tribune reports in his blog that the son of Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan has died. The Boston Globe has the story which states […]

Monday Night Links

As I just finished watching the new Red Sox DVD about the 2007 season, I figured it’s time to give you some more linkage this evening. Newsday’s Neil Best wonders why WFAN can’t get its information straight about whether a Vikings loss would put the Giants into the playoffs. He also reports that sportscaster Warner […]