People You Should Follow On Twitter, Part 9 & The Last One

Ok, this is the final installment of this mini-series that took much longer than I thought. I began this on July 17 and with a few stops and starts, finally finishing this in August. You’ve had quite a few categories, sports media, sports business, sports TV PR, MLB, NFL, NHL, Tennis, college basketball, college football, […]

My New Favorite Site

I rarely do Hot Chick posts here. There will be one coming up later this week, but I have one for you now. Go to Shandi Finnessey’s site. That’s all. Oh, and here’s a pic for you if you’re not sure if you should. That’s all for now.

Time for Another Shandi Finnessey Pic

I have noticed the hits for this site have gone way up tonight, especially after 9 ET tonight when ABC aired something called, Wanna Bet. I’ve never seen the show let alone knew it was on. But one of the celebrity judges was Fang’s Bites fav, Shandi Finnessey. Shandi was host of the late, great […]

Videos of the Week

I haven’t done anything on Fang’s Bites fav Shandi Finneseey for quite some time. The last video I posted of her was back on May 23 and the last picture I posted of her was on May 19, so it’s time that I give Shandi her due and devote an entire post to her. This […]

Friday's Links

Hello. Memorial Day Weekend here in the US and it means that warm weather is finally coming. Here in New England, 90 degree temps are expected and it nice to see. Also, it means summer movies and we’ll keep an eye on them here in the blog. But, we’ll always keep an eye on what […]

Odds and Ends

A few things for you on this Wednesday afternoon. First, someone did an ode to NESN SportsDesk anchor Hazel Mae: Second, as I try to get Shandi Finnessey to become the Next Big Star, here are two vids from her on Quiznation/Playmania on GSN. Yes, the guys are hitting on her. Wouldn’t you? And my […]