Friday's Links

Hello. Memorial Day Weekend here in the US and it means that warm weather is finally coming. Here in New England, 90 degree temps are expected and it nice to see. Also, it means summer movies and we’ll keep an eye on them here in the blog. But, we’ll always keep an eye on what […]

Odds and Ends

A few things for you on this Wednesday afternoon. First, someone did an ode to NESN SportsDesk anchor Hazel Mae: Second, as I try to get Shandi Finnessey to become the Next Big Star, here are two vids from her on Quiznation/Playmania on GSN. Yes, the guys are hitting on her. Wouldn’t you? And my […]

Hot Chicks in Sports Broadcasting

1. Erin Andrews – ESPN2. Shana Hiatt – Poker After Dark, NBC3. Bonnie Bernstein – ESPN4. Tracy Wolfson – CBS5. Kathryn Tappen – NESN6. Hazel Mae – NESN7. Tina Cervasio – NESN8. Suzy Kolber – ESPN (I’ll admit Suzy has looked better) Edited at 10:10 p.m. Pictures and links added.