Unveiling The Wednesday Links For You

On Tuesday, I did the links in the evening, but today, the linkage is coming out early. Let’s get to them. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that Fox plans to use its college football sideline reporter more as an analyst on the field, rather than give injury updates. To the Wall Street Journal where […]

Sneaking In Some Saturday Linkage

I’m at work on this Saturday and won’t be able to watch the early part of the NFL Wild Card doubleheader today, unless I can find a backdoor website (I’m not encouraging you to send links to me nor am I going to discuss them any further, I have a very good relationship with the […]

Our Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. Starting with USA Today, Edward C. Baig looks at ESPN’s planned launch of its 3-D network in June. Michael Hiestand has the ratings of various weekend events. EPL Talk reports that Fox is in talks to buy Setanta Sports US.  SportsbyBrooks reports that the voice of […]

Developing the Tuesday Links

I keep getting news or releases that I need to post, thus delaying my gathering of the links. Well, I think I have a window to get these done now. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has the ratings of various sports programs from the weekend. The Sports Media Watch notes that HBO Real Sports host Bryant […]

Some Sunday Links

Doing a Sunday linkage thing for you today. Let’s get to the links now. Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News writes that the Versus-DirecTV dispute remains at an impasse, but talks could get jump started soon. Mike reports that Setanta Sports US has signed for exclusive rights to several worldwide rugby tournaments. Wayne Friedman of Mediapost […]

Wednesday Evening Links

Let’s do some linkage this evening. Lazy night for sports, but never a lazy night for blogging. Let’s do the links then I have some housekeeping to do later. Blog housekeeping, not house housekeeping. That’s for later. I’ll start with Friend of Fang’s Bites and fellow puckhead Ken Schott of the Schenectady Gazette who is […]

Doing a Sunday Link Thing

Time for some links on this Sunday. I watched a fun South Africa-Spain match in the 3rd place game at the Confederations Cup on Univision this morning and kept up through Twitter with the coup in Honduras that CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are all ignoring today. News never stops just because it’s the weekend. […]

Thursday's Linkage

Time to do a Thursday link thing for you. There will be a major announcement about Fang’s Bites and its future coming in the next day or two. I’ll give you that when the time is right. In the meantime, let’s get to the links. Starting off with the Nielsen ratings Wire blog, it says […]

Our Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. One sad piece of news for me at least, is the departure of David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch. Lately, he’s been working on a book with Kentucky coach John Calipari so his blogging has been sparse in recent weeks, but when he was at […]

ESPN Finally Gets The Rights to the English Premier League

ESPN was disappointed earlier this year when it fell short in the bidding for the rights to televise the English Premier League. But what a difference a couple of months make. In the wake of Setanta Sports failing to meet a payment deadline last Friday, the EPL terminated its rights agreement with the Irish pay […]

Links for Your Saturday

Doing the links for you today. Just relaxing after having a late lunch. Starting with Newsday’s Neil Best who talks with a Golf Channel official about the Bethpage Black course. Neil writes that with Golf Channel unable to show go live during the U.S. Open, it does what it can before and after NBC’s coverage. […]

An Extremely Late Night Megalinks

Well, here we are doing the Friday megalinks well into the late night. As usual, we have the Weekend Viewing Picks for you. The U.S. Open has been pushed back a day and possibly more with some rainy weather expected in New York this weekend. NBC has announced it will start its Saturday coverage of […]

Our Monday Links

After hemming and hawing over how to organize the links today, I’ve decided I’m going to do a post based on just sports media links, then one on reaction to Blogs With Balls. I know many of the readers are probably sick of my posts on the conference, but it was a good event to […]

Making The Friday Megalinks Count, Part II

As I have the Red Sox-Phils on NESN on my TV and Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 from CBC on my computer, I’m finishing up the Megalinks so I can go to bed early and head for NYC tomorrow for the Blogs With Balls conference. Let’s update some of our earlier links. National CNBC’s Darren […]

Thursday's Link Stuff

Now that I’ve finished my work for the day and walked five laps around my office building, I’ll do the links. I’ve found that I’m more productive in my new office than the last building. Perhaps it’s the setting, perhaps it’s the honeymoon I have with the new landlord, perhaps I just have found this […]

A Mid-Week Linkfest

Let’s do some linkage today. Then I’ll do a massive press release post or two. Starting with Jon Show of the Sports Business Daily, he writes that DirecTV will have three dedicated channels to the U.S. Open complimenting the ESPN and NBC coverage for all four rounds. Austin Karp of the SBD says five of […]

Some Tuesday Links

Let’s do links for you now. I may have to leave early so I’ll do what I can for now. Starting with Michael Smith of the Sports Business Journal, he writes that TNT made a little “dig” in its NASCAR coverage by e-mailing a video to viewers signifying the beginning of its six race season. […]

More Links For Your Wednesday

Well, I can provide some more links now that I put out that fire out. From David Bauder of the Associated Press, we find that CBS is now considering teaming up with Time Warner to bid for the 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games. If successful, CBS would put the Games on its own network plus […]

Wednesday Night Links

I wasn’t planning on an evening update, but I think I’ll give you some linkage as I stare at the very lovely Kate Walsh on “Private Practice”. I may no longer endorse “Grey’s Anatomy”, but I can support its spinoff. And for those who watched “Private Practice” last season, you’ll know that this season is […]

Some Press Release Information

I have a few more press releases for you on this Thursday. First, ESPN’s Chris Berman will interview both Barack Obama and John McCain at halftime of the Steelers-Washington game on the eve of Election Day. John McCain and Barack Obama on ESPN’s Monday Night Football Chris Berman to Interview Presidential Candidates on Eve of […]