Churning Out Some MLK Day Linkage

Let’s do some linkage on this MLK Day, a holiday for some of you. We’ll begin with a story from an unusual source, Newsweek/The Daily Beast. Nick Summers of Newsweek writes about how ESPN’s subscriber fees could force cable providers to place the network on pay tiers. Michael Hiestand at USA Today reports that CBS […]

The Big Dozen Sports Media Stories of 2011

Time for the Fang’s Bites Sports Media Year in Review. The year isn’t big enough for a Top Ten, but it is big enough for a Big Dozen. Let’s get to the list and we’ll count down from 12 and also have some Honorable Mentions. 12. ESPN The Book One of the most anticipated books […]

Back With The Friday Megalinks

Due to a crazy schedule for most of this week and then having a medical procedure done yesterday, I have not been able to blog like I’ve wanted to. Links have been scarce, but I’m available to do them now and hopefully, won’t be interrupted. Your Weekend Viewing Picks have your sports and entertainment programming […]

Ron Franklin Is Suing ESPN

Just two weeks after being fired by ESPN for making his “Sweet Baby” and “A-hole” remark to sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards, Ron Franklin is not going out with a whimper. He’s going out with guns ablazin’. Mike McCarthy of USA Today breaks news today, discovering that Franklin is suing ESPN for wrongful termination. Franklin is […]

Thursday’s Linkage

I just keep accumulating tabs on my browser of sports media stories and I realized if I keep doing this, my computer will slow down and I’ll have to start rebooting Firefox. It’s a memory whore as it is, but keeping as many as 15 tabs open is not a good idea, so let’s do […]

BREAKING NEWS: ESPN Fires Ron Franklin

Just learning this now. Will get more details later. UPDATE, 4:18 p.m.: Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch tweets the following news: ESPN has terminated Ron Franklin based on what happened with Jeannine Edwards. Email just sent to reporters with the news. More to follow including official statement from ESPN. UPDATE, 4:25 p.m.: John Ourand from Sports […]

Breaking Out the Tuesday Linkage

I hope to get these links done without interruption. I hate working from the RI main office because I get bogged down, but that’s what happens when you don’t have a car like I do. I have to depend on others to get me where I’m going and I can’t get to my MA office […]

Bringing In The Monday Links

Lots of things to get to today. I hope to get everything in during one long linkfest, but if I can’t, I’ll try to do it in multiple parts. We begin with USA Today’s Mike McCarthy who says despite the ratings being down for the Rose and Fiesta Bowls as ESPN takes over the games […]